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8/4/08 3:42:02PM
Michael Moody was on location this weekend for at the International Mixed Martial Arts Expo that took could place in Long Beach, CA.

Rumors were circulating around the Expo that a possible lightweight matchup between Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk(32-3-1) and Tyson Griffin (12-1) could happen later this year. Multiple sources stated that the fight will take place in the fall, most likely either UFC 90 which takes place in October or UFC 91 which will be in November.

Sherk is coming off the loss to UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn at UFC 84 in May, his first back since being stripped of the belt for a positive steroid test, while Griffin is on a four fight win streak, beating Marcus Aurelio most recently at UFC 86 in July.

8/4/08 3:44:56PM
Very interesting match up there I dont know if i could pick a winner quite yet on that one, but if Griffin can keep the fight standing i think he will pick Sherk apart.....Two good wrestlers here hard to call this one.....
8/4/08 3:55:02PM
Sherk will dominate all 3 rounds for UD. But he can stand and trade with griffin because griffin doesnt have the reach of BJ penn. Rather see sherk win than tyson anyway. Hopefully sherk will tko him but i doubt it.
8/4/08 3:58:39PM
i saw this earlier today on the fantasy picks page. interesting matchup considering they're both top lightweights and both very good wrestlers. griffin is on quite a streak right now. i won't say 4 straight wins, but 3 straight wins because i felt he lost to guida. aurelio, tibau, and taveres are solid wins though. i'll say griffin wins by decision. if he does i'm sure he'll be in line for a title shot after the winner of florian/huerta.
8/4/08 4:01:44PM
IMO Sherk is on a different level to Tyson and would dominate any future fight en route to a convincing UD
8/4/08 4:05:08PM
if the fight stays on the feet griffin has a good chance but if sherk can take griffin down when he wants to which i think he can and will then sherk takes this fight. although sherk says he wants to be more exciting he might decide to keep it standing. great fight i can't wait for this one.
8/4/08 5:20:10PM
im a huge tyson griffin fan but in all honesty......sean sherk by unanimous decision.........sherk will jus be to strong for tyson IMO!!!!!!
8/4/08 5:20:37PM

Posted by MMAcca

IMO Sherk is on a different level to Tyson and would dominate any future fight en route to a convincing UD

I agree, but I'd add the word "lackluster" to the "convincing UD" line.

If this fight happens, I just hope they stand and trade.

And to the poster talking about reach, it wasn't BJ's reach that caused problems for Sherk. He had no problems with Diaz' reach.
8/4/08 7:26:49PM
i heard it will happen in oct in chicago
would love to see it live
should be a great fight
8/4/08 9:30:23PM
I don't know. Griffin is Couture's little Mighty Mouse. If he can bring in an bit of an improved sprawl, I could see him dirty boxing his way to a UD.

One thing is for sure though- this fight will be going to the judges.
8/4/08 10:10:40PM
well, both have stated that they want to be more exciting fighters, and griffin wants to get his first KO still so we might see this more on the feet than we expect.
8/4/08 10:19:38PM
i see sherk taking Griffin down early on in all 3 rounds and gnp his way to a UD.
8/5/08 2:02:32AM
This could be a great fight. I really don't know who would win this fight. I would have to go with Sean just because he has faced much tougher competition and I think he is the stronger of the 2.
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