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6/1/08 1:03:09AM
I think this would be a great fight. Mainly because it would give rich a high caliber opponent and also provide sherk with a great win. If sherk beat rich then that would put a damper on a great streak, but if rich beat sean then i believe that would put him in title contention. this to me has all the making's of a great fight. Would this be a fight you would like to see? and if so how do you see it going? I think sherk would prolly get the win unanimous dec
6/1/08 1:18:13AM
Also, if Sherk is hell bent on establishing that he can stand, it would be a good fight to do so. As I think he could out strike Rich.

I guess this fight isn't all that far fetched and could possibly happen, since Rich is on a 6 fight win streak (4 being in the UFC.)
6/1/08 3:07:35AM
Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. Gets Sherk back in there against a tough opponent which he wants. It lets us see if Clementi is for real and belongs in the top of the division.
6/1/08 3:11:10AM
Rich 2nd round sub.
6/1/08 4:37:57AM
i'd pay to see it
6/1/08 9:53:34AM
what makes you think rich can sub sherk when noone else has done so? this fight doesnt do a lot for me. rich is good but i think sherk would work him pretty hard...
6/1/08 10:48:16AM
After seeing Rich's last performance I would say Sherk Rd 2 tko
6/1/08 10:49:08AM
I would take Sherk by GnP in 2.
6/1/08 11:56:51AM
i dont think this would be the great fight you think it is. sherk just losing prolly just gonna go for the take down and then GnP, and rich prolly couldnt stop it. Even though i like both guys i dont really want to see this fight.
6/1/08 12:52:40PM
Yea I mean I know Clementi has a good winning streak going in the UFC against Johnson, Guillard, Stout, and Etim. However, I might not be giving Clementi the credit he deserves but Sherk would pretty much do what he did in the Florian and Franca fights. I think a fight with Kurt Pellegrino, Joe Lauzon, or perhaps Gray Maynard would be a more suitable opponent for Clementi.
6/1/08 4:17:02PM
I wouldnt be interested in seeing this fight. First I'm not a Sherk fan, second I think he would smash Rich in boring fashion.
6/2/08 10:48:16PM
if not rich then who?
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