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7/8/07 4:48:06PM
Get off BJ's Nuts its makeing me sick and matt did not destroy sherk as every on said watch the fight again it was a war and like people have said sherk was under sized what is he like 5'6 now he is at 155 where he is a monster and he will pound BJ and if u say that he had a hard time with Kflow your crazy he smashed him and watch the fanka fight again he did a good job covering his face so he didnt get smashed
7/8/07 5:14:56PM
BJ all the way
7/8/07 5:32:24PM
Penn by armbar in the 2nd.
7/8/07 7:09:35PM
definetly penn....sherk is strong as hell but once he gets u on the ground he doesnt do much...2/3 of his fits go to decision penn's dont he either finishes the fight or he gets finished.... penn by submission for sure
7/8/07 10:18:58PM
You guys that think Sherk is gonna come in with the same ol' game plan and
grind out a win over Beej must be huffin glue. For one, BJs' TDD is possibly the best in MMA. His balance and uncanny ability to regain his feet are second to none. So, the fight stays standing? Well, that ain't good for Sherk either. BJ can stuff Sherks' TD and force standing strike exchanges. Nonetheless, if (when) they hit the mat- BJ will submit Sherk. Sherk is tough as nails to be sure but c'mon guys...sometimes heart ain't enough and it won't be enough for sherk here. Sure Sherk is the better wrestler and is undoubtedly very strong but those attributes leave openings for some Jitz, especially when you have a black belt in BJJ and your name is BJ Penn. BJ by Rear Naked in the 2nd. Maybe the third.
7/8/07 10:46:38PM
I smell a freak injury, call it a hunch.
7/9/07 12:28:16AM
Sherk is much more explosive that Matt Hughes nowadays. BJ's stamina has sucked in his past couple of fights, though BJ's skill is higher than Sherk's. If BJ can't finish Sherk in the first 3 rounds then it's all Sherk in 4 & 5.

I hate to say it but I'm taking Sherk in this one. BJ is one of my favorite fighters but I have to go with Sherk.
7/9/07 1:21:09AM
I like this fight, it makes the most sense right now for the light weight division. BJ is one of the few people at that weight who could handle Sherk's strength. I like BJ in this fight but it really could go either way. I think BJ is better suited for the light weight divison, not that he can't handle fighting at 170lbs, it's that he wont have to deal with the deepest divison in MMA anymore, and he is forced the be in better shape. He makes a smooth transition cutting the weight so why not try it out. If he beats Sherk (which I think he will) He could take over that division for a long time.
7/9/07 1:39:02AM
yea, sherk is probily one of the strongest lightwieghts in the world but, he will have to wacth out for bjs grappling skills if they stand i say sherk if ground sherk be careful,
7/9/07 7:30:23AM

Posted by Destroyer88

Hey I'm not even a Sherk fan, but his performance last night should not be pissed on by some people who just want to see a KO. You are probabley one of those idiots in the crowd last night booing Sean Sherk.

All I'm saying is I wish people would stop making BJ seem unstoppable. Sherk got outmuscled by Hughes and GSP because he was at the wrong weight class. So using the fact that Penn was able to keep Hughes and GSP off of him so Sherk cant touch BJ is retarded.

And as for Kennys little statement last night poking at Sean Sherk, hey, I'd rather see a guy dominate another guy for five rounds then see someone try to win a fight with a cut everytime he fights.

I'm one of the idiots who expects fighters to do their job and fight. That performance deserves to be pissed on. The judges are there in the event that neither fighter is able to finish the fight, not for human blankets to use as a decision factory, sorry. It's ridiculous to watch a fighter transition repeatedly from dominant position to dominant position and make ABSOLUTELY NO use of it. The same way that tim sylvia likes to coast victories on his feet sherk likes to coast victories on the ground, and the same way that someone with more skill and a good plan beat him by pushing the pace, a good BJJ fighter is going to beat sherk by pushing the pace from the bottom. He's going to try to lay on top of the wrong person for 25 minutes and lose his title. Sorry to break it to you, but fighters are in there to finish, not to win decisions, that's the objective of a fight. If you are unable to finish that's one thing, if you make absolutely no effort to finish that's another.
7/9/07 9:06:37AM
BJ by submission. Unless Sherk decides to go for a takedown every second and lay n pray. Sherk is very boring.
7/9/07 1:15:54PM
though i think sherk is boring his gameplan isnt bad. but the fact is i really doubt bj is gonna let sherk get his back the whole fight and just let sherk switch positions. hes not gonna be able to dance around bj like that for 5 rounds. sherk had controll in that whole fight and didnt really take it to hermes at all. he was agressive with the take downs thats it. and hes lucky he didnt get knocked out. hermes did the same thing every time he stood up. knee to the head and everytime it connected. i really doubt sherk is gonna change his gameplan hes always fought like that in every fight ive seen no different.
7/9/07 1:29:22PM
Interesting fight. Sherk has really improved his skills over the past year or so, and I don't think anyone at 155 is going to breeze thru him. If he pushes the pace, moves around BJ's subs and keeps pushing the pace, he may well take the steam out of BJ's game. Tough one to call tho, is Penn fighting again between now and then?
7/9/07 3:03:28PM
I'll guarantee you that if BJ sinks in a guillotine like Franca did 3 or 4 times this last fight that Sherk won't be able to get out of it, and if he does, BJ will lockflow to another submission and tap him. Sherk needs Jujitsu bad, his wrestling is top notch, but his ability to finish opponents is really weak. You can bet BJ will come with his A-game. I think if Sherk fought Florian again that Florian would win. He gave Sherk a heck of a time the first time, and now that he's improved, I think he could take him.

But, that's neither here nor there. Unless Sherk learns how to NOT eat 6 knees to the grill and picks up some jujitsu, Penn will take him.
7/9/07 9:45:06PM
Sherk is to much for BJ. Sherk also has better hands. If BJ can't get him in the 1st round there is no way he will be able to keep pace with sherk. I don't see sherk getting caught that quick, my guess is the fight gets stopped round 2 or 3 when BJ goes limp from the beating.
7/10/07 8:51:39AM
BJ will stomp Sherk.
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