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4/28/09 9:15:54PM
He’s got a pretty good name. He’s done real well in the UFC; I’ve seen him in the top 10 before. I think it’s another step closer to a title shot, which is my main goal … I’m not looking for an easy title shot. I know Kenny’s not easy but if Kenny wins, I don’t want a shot just because I already beat Kenny. Give me BJ again, man. BJ beat me and for me that’s motivation, especially with everything before that lead into that fight with all the drama and stuff like that … I just want the best fighter to win [at UFC 101], and hopefully if I do my job on May 23, hopefully I can be next in line for a title shot … I mean Frankie is really tough; I never overlook anybody. I never have in my entire career and I’m not going to start now … as soon as you start overlooking guys, that’s when you run into a problem and I’m not going to do that.

Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk talks about getting another crack at the 155-pound strap he coughed up following a controversial drug test that pegged him as a steroid user. “The Muscle Shark” also anticipates a very stiff test at UFC 98 “Evans vs. Machida” in the form of lightweight standout Frank Edgar. A win could put him in line for a title shot against either BJ Penn or Kenny Florian following their championship bout at UFC 101 in August. Either way, it’s a rematch for Sherk. The question is, who would you rather see — Sherk vs. “The Prodigy” or Sherk vs. “KenFlo?”

4/28/09 9:27:52PM
I think sherk vs penn would be a completely different fight than the first one. I think that sherk will go to his roots and take down bj after a similar stand up game we previously saw. I think that's the fight everyone wants to see anywayz. Penn's bjj vs. Sherk's wrestling.

Sherk vs. Florian would be a different battle than the first fight as well. Sherk has a lot more confidence in his stand up game than he previously had. Florian as proved himself time and time again, growing every time we see him. He will be a different fighter than the one we saw go into their first fight, and I think he will depend mainly on a strong game plan if this fight ever takes place.

IMO (future)
4/28/09 9:58:37PM
I think Sherk will defeat Frank Edgar and go on to regain the lightweight title.
4/28/09 11:17:47PM
I still think GSP used the game plan Sherk should have, which is use strong wrestling to wear him out and take a decision or make him quit. I’m not bashing Penn, he dominated Sherk. I think Sherk-Florian II would still end in a Sherk decision, but not a total domination like the first fight. Sherk-Penn II is more interesting and could go either way. Sherk's game plan vs. Penn's dedication.
4/29/09 1:29:15PM
Sherk shouldnt overlook edgar, but really I dont see edgar beating sherk. Everything edgar is good at, sherk is much better at. Sherk also has the better chin, check out those knees he took by franca.
4/29/09 1:58:53PM
Sherk should win this and get another title fight. beings this may be his last ramp up to the title. He's only getting older and if he loses it could take another 3-4 fights to get another chance. I honestly can't see him losing against Edgar and losing to BJ or Kenny again. Even though im a nutthugger for KenFlo.
4/29/09 4:41:11PM
He'll never beat BJ and prob'ly can't beat Kenny now. He's boring and unapologetic for his past indiscretions. I've no desire to see him ever get another title shot. Edgar will prob'ly lose a boring decision, but I'd love to see him surprise us all and continue climbing the ladder himself.
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