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6/12/08 3:51:01PM

“I’m assuming they’re gonna maybe try to get me back in the title mix again right away, so they’ll maybe throw me a contender of some sort, and then try to get another shot at that belt real soon. I’m not real sure what B.J.’s plans are, but I think he wants to go back up to [1]70

6/12/08 3:56:12PM
I wonder why he wants to go back up to 170. He is dominant where he is right now. If I was him I would not move up, I would stay and destroy the rest of the division.IMO
6/12/08 4:12:39PM
sherk hopes bj goes back up to 170
6/12/08 4:15:58PM
I think BJ wants to go up to 170, because he truly believes he can beat GSP. He is not satisfied, just sitting at LW and beating everyone they throw at him with ease. BJ is seems to always want to challenge himself. I think he could get kinda bored at LW, and you will see his training falter a little, and he will be back to the old BJ where he gasses quickly. He might not have the motivation at LW as he would at WW. Just my thoughts.
6/12/08 4:36:33PM
BJ is a beast he has competed for our company in the past
6/12/08 4:45:26PM
i think bj can still be tested at 155. but i wouldnt mind seeing him duke it out with some of the guys at 170. at either weight they should be exciting fights.

as for sherk, i wonder who they will put him up against, if it is going to be a contender?
6/12/08 4:51:51PM
I think it's a great that Sherk is basically saying that he hopes BJ goes to 170 lbs so he can get the belt. He is openly admitting that he is not man enough to ever beat BJ Penn. I believe that but wouldn't expect Sean Sherk to even remotely imply it. Good for him, now if he would just admit to using steriods I might give him a little respect.
6/12/08 4:53:05PM
Ya if BJ goes back to 170 the shrek has a chance.
6/12/08 5:09:12PM
Maybe if they fought again Sherk would use some more wrestling and do better. He was doing alright standing but if he mixed it up a bit more I think the fight would be a lot better. I'm not saying he would win in a rematch, I don't know if he could pull it off. But if he does fight smarter if there is a next time we'll see a closer fight IMO.
6/12/08 8:11:23PM
what would reall kick ass is if he could go up to take the title at 170... than drop to defend 155... than drop to 145. to take on faber... that would be a fight i would love to see right thier.. prob will never happen but what the hell . just puttin it out thier
6/12/08 8:14:34PM
BJ v Anderson Silva anybody?
6/12/08 8:15:04PM

Posted by Red-Dragon

sherk hopes bj goes back up to 170

Ha ha! That's exactally what I was thinking. Sherk damn sure hopes he goes back up after the butt whipping he got. As for Sherk I think Florian would get him in a rematch. Because he's way better than the first time they met. As for two wins and he's back in the picture, I could see that happen although there is a heck of alot of talent rising in that division.
6/13/08 12:57:47AM

Posted by silverbullet

BJ v Anderson Silva anybody?

= a step too far for even BJ imo.....
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