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7/23/07 4:50:56PM
If Sean Sherk loses his appeal, does his record stay as a win or a loss, or does it show a disqualification? Just a question. I also think that he should be stripped of the title. What does everyone else think? Thank you.
7/23/07 5:27:15PM
I believe it will end up as a no contest because they both tested positive. He DEFINITELY should be stripped IMO, it would look terrible for the UFC to allow someone that technically cheated to hold the title, let alone he wouldn't be able to defend it for roughly a year.

My question is, if Franca didn't test positive, would he have the belt once Sherk loses the appeal?
7/23/07 5:35:22PM

Posted by bayonetxwork

My question is, if Franca didn't test positive, would he have the belt once Sherk loses the appeal?

I think by MMA standards overall, you ALWAYS need to win a fight to get the belt. So I think he would just be next in line to fight for a vacant title.
7/23/07 6:17:14PM
I think Sherk should lose his belt, for sure. I'm sure the UFC can get some good competition together to fight for the vacant belt. I'm deeply saddened by this whole affair.
7/23/07 6:51:33PM
if he loses his appeal will he lose the belt? i had so much respect for the shark but cuz of this he blows now. any fighter that takes steroids is a moran i dont care injury or not. hermes too, he is cryin that he had an injury and needed the money for his family. what a doosh. if this is gonna b ur career to put food in ur kids stomachs, then postpone the fight if the injury is 2 serious & go sign some ****** autographs, make some apperences, and make that paper till ur healed 2 fight.
7/23/07 9:13:21PM
I read some where,

The CSAC doesn't have the authority to overturn the outcome in a fight.

So Sherk is lucky the fight wasn't in Nevada.
7/24/07 6:06:39PM
The fight was in Cali right? It'll probably stay a win. I only say so because Royce's "win" still counts.
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