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7/12/07 12:39:41PM
Did any one see the all access with sean sherk? How can that guy train that much and not be overtrained? Do you think he is on steroids or Human growth hormones possible?
7/12/07 12:56:26PM
wrong place to post.....and no he only weighs 155 now so its not like he has to build lots and lots of muscle so steroids are out of the question. That guy is a monster though.
7/12/07 1:04:51PM
no he doesnt use that shit. He has everything planned out. He eats all of his stuff for performance and that allows him to train harder. Joe rogan says sherk weighs about 170 to atleast 180, its crazy he has to drop weight casually untill fight time. to get to 155
7/12/07 5:36:36PM
Sean Sherk has a really big frame for a lightweight. When you think of a lightwieghts build, you think of small, skinny maybe? But he cuts so much weight to get to 155 he looks enormous compared to the other contenders. He's a house! He takes supplements, but I don't think steriods or growth hormones.
7/12/07 6:02:15PM
i don't think you could rule steroids out. i mean royce gracie tested positive for heavens sake. personally, I just think its the supplements, as well as a good knowledge of nutrition and conditioning.
7/13/07 1:18:13AM
he would be dumb to do anything like that for one for two no way does he wanna get bigger and 3 he eat crap to stay in shape if he did anything like that his diet would not be as tight as he has it
7/13/07 1:43:41AM
He's been that big for a looooong time, if he did roids he'd have tested positive by now.
7/13/07 2:55:06AM
He's been in three title fights in the UFC and a co-main event so you know that he's been tested before and he has yet to turn in a positive test.
I think and really hope he's clean. He seems like a great guy and a great ambassador for the sport.
You won't find a harder worker in this sport.
7/13/07 3:08:05AM
no thats all natural he isnt on anything or any muscle builders he is just a monster at 155 but his next match for sure is in november against bj penn.
7/22/07 5:02:24PM
he is on steroids
7/22/07 6:03:30PM

Posted by casey64

he is on steroids

lol, way to confirm that.
7/22/07 10:17:25PM
Check out the post topic "Cheaters are Everywhere".
It shows this link
Says Sherk tested positive after the Franca fight.
7/22/07 10:53:22PM
I really like Sherk I never thought he was using steroids.
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