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12/29/11 9:49:06PM
Where is this guy? He hasn't fought since win over Evan Dunham (which I think Dunham won) back in September 2010. Anyone happen to know what's up with him and if/when he plans to return?
12/29/11 10:08:45PM
I thought I saw somewhere he was overseas and got caught in some weird thing, like it was a crime or something, but he didn't have anything to do with it. I'll try and find it.

I think he is just fighting less b/c of age and injury. I know he's probably had some injuries lately maybe before and after dunham fight.

Maybe I was thinking about someone else with that first part.

Lastest I found on mmajunkie was he was aiming for fall return that was in july 2011.
12/29/11 10:18:13PM How have you been healing and how is your training going?
Sean Sherk: I’m healing well, you know at this stage in my career you will never be 100% since I have been competing for so long but I feel pretty good. Training has been going good, I have been out five-six days a week, once sometimes twice a day. When do you expect to be back in action and do you have a potential opponent?

Sean Sherk: I do not have an opponent or any date set. I am tentatively hoping sometime early 2012. - 12/15/11 Interview
12/29/11 10:45:39PM
Thanks, guys. I always look forward to watching him fight, and I hate to see him gone for so long considering he might not have too many fights left in him.
12/29/11 11:56:30PM
I like Sherk....but....he received an early X-Mas gift in the Dunham fight.
12/30/11 2:34:22PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

I like Sherk....but....he received an early X-Mas gift in the Dunham fight.

Yeah he did that was BS...
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