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12/15/10 7:17:15PM
By his boss-the Toronto PD. Asked to turn in his badge as his UFC 124 win appearntly provides a "potential conflict of interest".

12/15/10 8:44:44PM
Wow. That's white-shirt logic for ya.

Ridiculous, simply ridiculous. The man comes back from a weekend where he was able to fulfill what likely was a dream of his to not only compete but win a fight in the UFC and now the rug is completely swept out from under him. This isn't going to be an easy decision either. There isn't any job security in MMA. No pension, no health care. No guaranteed income of any sort. Quite the opposite in a career such as law enforcement.

I would imagine that were he to pursue MMA now he'd be more than capable of finding a cop job when it's all said and done. I wonder if he's got a family that figures into the equation. Best of luck to him either way.
12/15/10 9:29:40PM
Thats BULL ****
12/15/10 11:05:48PM
thats BS. i dont know what their policy's are and maybe it is a conflict of interest but who knows how long his ufc career will last these days and its a shame to see a police officer loose their job over something like this.
12/16/10 12:31:38AM
His win should mean at least one or two more fights. I personally was a bit surprised by this but can also understand it even if I don't necessarily agree with it. Cops get enough of a bad rap for the whole "police brutality" thing as it is and it's only because he was a cop. If he were a soldier then there likely wouldn't be this issue.
12/16/10 8:52:25AM
That's so weird. I don't see any conflict of interest.
12/16/10 9:00:29AM
It's rather jumbled thinking according to the person who wrote the original article.

According to the Toronto Star, “Police spokesman Tony Vella did not comment directly on Pierson’s case but said every police officer who has paid ’secondary employment’ must first clear it with the force. Requests for secondary employment can be denied if it constitutes a conflict of interest, Vella said. He did not elaborate on what type of job would constitute a conflict.”

Yes, what kind of job would constitute a conflict? Police officers very often have second careers, ranging from real estate broker to private security work. So what is it about MMA that bothers the police?

Obviously, the Toronto PD feels that having a UFC fighter patrolling the streets sends the wrong kind of message about who the the police are and what they do. They have enough problems fixing their public image thanks to the G20 brutality; it just wouldn’t look good to have a professional tough guy, someone who gets paid to beat people up among their ranks.

Except that’s a pretty flimsy argument, one that paints Pierson and mixed martial arts in general, with a huge brush that says MMA is barbaric and brutal and we don’t want to be seen as thugs with badges. Talk about unevolved thinking.

12/16/10 9:39:07AM
sucks that he lost his job for fighting in the ufc
i probably would have asked them first if their was gonna be a problem fighting
12/16/10 1:53:11PM
Now Toronto Police are claiming it is Pierson's former nickname that they have a problem with.


Either way Pierson has chosen to follow his MMA dream so I hope he does well in his next fight.
12/16/10 2:14:47PM
I was there live in montreal, personnally i thought pierson lost the fight. Everyone around me were also quite shocked that the decision went his way too. It is quite stupid though that he got fired for that dumb reason.
12/16/10 4:34:04PM
Petty. There's no reason for this to happen, especially when you consider the circumstances with him dropping his name years ago.
12/16/10 7:18:19PM
must be a new rule, they never fired Rob Macdonald.............
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