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9/11/12 2:53:50PM
As most of you know I run an MMA website and also do a weekly podcast where I interview fighters. I had spoken with James Thompson on a few occasions and we got on pretty well, I had his phone number so I texted him to see if he would be interested in doing is own Podcast, I would be his co host and my website would host it. He seemed really eager and we decided to go ahead and set it up. He then basically gave me the run around, I was patient as I felt it would lead to big things so i bit my tongue (plus he is massive and is one scary dude to look at). As I heard nothing I kind of gave up on it as I didnt want to keep chasing him. Then I realised that he had gone ahead with my idea and set it up wth some one else. Couldnt beleive it, I was gutted. Unfortuately there is not a lot I can do about it, but I do think that to take my idea is out of order.
9/11/12 2:57:19PM
Damn, Ray that's a shame. I'm guessing he either had a friend he wanted to do it with, or his manager set him up with someone else. Sorry to hear that buddy.
9/11/12 3:10:13PM
I dont know, I havent spoken with him since, oh well, its not the end of the world.
9/11/12 3:49:58PM
Damn man. That sucks

Better things will come
9/11/12 3:54:43PM
Thanks George
9/11/12 3:55:10PM
Terribly sorry to hear that Ray. Hopefully James will pay homage of some sort, maybe a site link or something like that. It's sad he agreed to do a podcast with you and then just went out on his own. Why not just say, "I'd rather do my own thing" in the first place?

In the end, I'm sure bigger and better things await! Like tomorrow's episode of the MMA Mental podcast!
9/11/12 4:03:22PM
Just think of his earlobes wobbling as he gets hit by Kimbo, you'll feel better. If I were you I would send him one email to ask whether he's still going ahead with you still, or whether he's taken your idea and running with someone else. If he's straight up he'll tell you.
9/11/12 4:04:01PM
I like to try and take the positive out of every situation and another way to look at it is that I never would have imagined that I would have put myself in a situation where I would be screwed by a pro fighter. A lot has happened in 12 months
9/11/12 4:05:57PM
I might pm him, maybe see if he wants to co promote.
9/11/12 5:56:19PM
i hate that Ray! don't let it get you down.
9/11/12 6:03:45PM

Posted by Rabi

I like to try and take the positive out of every situation and another way to look at it is that I never would have imagined that I would have put myself in a situation where I would be screwed by a pro fighter. A lot has happened in 12 months

This is the way 2 think Rabi!! Dont let it get u down my friend, u are truly the man
9/11/12 6:39:45PM
That's cold on his part. Oh well. There will be other opportunities, keep doing your thing Ray
9/11/12 7:18:31PM
Thanks for the kind words, its very much appreciated.
9/11/12 7:18:46PM
That sucks Captain, hope this picture cheers you up:

9/11/12 7:20:20PM
Lol! Nice pic FF47!
9/11/12 7:48:58PM
I'm sorry Captain, just shows you what kind of guy he is. TBH, I never though he was too bright and this proves it. He wasn't smart enough to see you're on the rise
9/11/12 9:38:25PM
Keep your chin tucked and your feet moving bro and you will be good.
9/11/12 10:23:13PM
Why don't you talk to him and ask him what the deal is? Who cares if he's big? He's not going to beat you up for asking a question.

There could be some kind of explanation that clears it up, although it sounds kind of unlikely. Either way, I just think it's always better to confront people and put everything on the table, get straight answers and then you can decide whether you hate him, if he's a shady dick, or if there was some kind of misunderstanding/miscommunication, etc.
9/11/12 11:26:25PM
ahhh who needs him find a more relavent fighter....i hear giant silvas looking for work
9/12/12 3:24:22PM
that sucks! I think you could do better than him Sinclair or Watson (I believe you've interviewed them a few times).
9/12/12 3:54:30PM
i dont know what kind of guy you are Rabi but if i was you the next pod cast would be deadacated to JT. i would jump on the mic and use it like a gat and tear him down, make fun of him. you know, that kind of nonsence, it would be fun and most likely make you feel better. but thats just me- the ghetto way
9/12/12 4:08:32PM
We've texted today and he has apologised, Ive asked him to co promote, we will see how that goes.

Ive interviewed Rob Sinclair twice and Tom Watson once, Im not that well in with Watson and I dont think Sinclair has the personality to be a podcast host.
9/13/12 11:00:03AM
That's pretty low in my opinion. Although I can understand WHY people do these things, I don't quite understand how. Hopefully better things come along, at least he apologized, whatever that's worth.
9/13/12 12:38:35PM
One way to get him back, see if he already has bought the domain, if not there's the chance to screw him over, so he either has to change it or buy it from you.
9/17/12 10:24:57AM
Text him naked pictures if yourself.
9/17/12 8:17:38PM
I'm glad you didn't do anything irrational Rabi, trust me, from someone who ran a blog, it's not worth taking shit personally. On more than one occasion I had PR guys tell me that I was all set to get into shows and interview bands, only to find out I didn't get validated credentials or something. I could have taken it out on the PR guys, but all that does is burn bridges. When you are new to the industry, trying to promote yourself and your brand, you have to get keep contacts on the table, because more than likely, those people know people you don't. That is probably one of the best things I learned. The more people you know, the more you'll succeed.
9/27/12 6:44:06AM

Posted by Rabi

I never would have imagined that I would have put myself in a situation where I would be screwed by a pro fighter.

That's what Jenna Jameson said.
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