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6/20/08 3:05:31AM
This site has some screen shot of the game.

Check it out
6/20/08 6:57:33AM
Cool. Thanks
6/20/08 8:43:49AM
forrest looks really scared in the staredown

oh its gonna be good, cant wait for more demos, want to know what button combination for a gogoplata

they should have no name special characters that bear the likeness of fedor/aoki etc
6/20/08 9:28:17AM
awesome. cant wait.
6/20/08 9:52:35AM
wow that games got some mad detail
6/20/08 10:00:14AM

Posted by dannyfrank

wow that games got some mad detail

Even has Stich and Juanita in there. Not bad.

Forrest w/ the flying armbar - lol!

Looks real good though.
6/20/08 10:05:45AM
Mario Yamasaki FTW

I wonder if David Spade and Shaq will be in the audience.
6/20/08 10:10:31AM
Are those screenshots of ACTUAL game play?
6/20/08 10:30:15AM

Posted by stock

Are those screenshots of ACTUAL game play?

Yes stock, they are just shot from cinematic angles, the quality of graphics is what you get in game, even better by release as well

Noticed by 1st bit of "ahhhhhh oh look at the detail" that being the NSAC written on the hand wrap under the gloves
6/20/08 11:15:07AM
That's great.
This might be worth the cost of a playstation 3.

I haven't played video games for years.
6/20/08 11:37:45AM
This guy DOESN'T like it ---


He makes a few good points. Scroll down and see the graphics of the OLD Fight Night game. They look better than this game that hasn't even been released yet.
6/20/08 11:45:30AM
awesome screen shots of the game. can't wait for it.
6/20/08 12:01:47PM
That's mad good. I'm excited.
6/20/08 12:19:56PM
Look at Forrest's face in the staredown and when he has the armbar hahaha
6/20/08 6:23:33PM
Looks pretty good,but with games you just never know.What resolution was the screen running at and all that jargon boils down to what it's going to look like on your average TV.

I say it looks very good though.Let's just hope the game play is about 5-8 notches up from the likes of Sudden Imact and Tapout 2.
6/20/08 6:50:14PM
W/ PS3 I don't think the graphics question is an issue. Should be high def and prob'ly look better on a tv built for it than on my comp screen.

Does anyone know about play control? MMA games have notoriously failed on this aspect because it's so difficult to combine all the possible grappling aspects, esp to also have full striking options. I think this may be less of a problem w/ all the stuff you can do on PS3. I hope it's good, but I don't have the system and this won't make me buy it. I'm not really a gamer.
6/20/08 6:59:20PM
We should totally hook up a 16 man playground owgp on the 360 when this comes out, that sounds awesome. 80 fighters is a good starting point, i wasnt expecting that many tbh. But having the option to download 130 more is bonus, im sure at some point down the road they'll make like 5 or so fighter bundles for cheaper, mabeys even give away a few of the less known fighters they put on. Im really suprised theyve got 200 characters made, if that is actually true.
6/20/08 10:31:00PM
looks good so far. i think the amount of playable fighters is gonna make or break this game though.
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