$25 on Scott Smith over Cote anyone?

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1/15/07 11:39:03AM
I'm not really a Scott Smith fan at all, but I just have a gut feeling that he's going to beat Cote. Kind of like when I watch a football game and I know that the team I like is going to lose... I have a feeling that Smith is going to take this one. Anyone who thinks Cote will take it send the wager on over for $25, I'll take up to 3 or 4
1/15/07 1:31:19PM
It looks like it will be an interesting fight none the less I sent over the wager request.
1/15/07 1:53:51PM
I will take that wager.
1/15/07 1:58:09PM
cote by decision
1/15/07 3:12:32PM
Cool, got 3 wagers on it, that'll do for now
1/16/07 12:21:08PM
ill take that action, send me the wager
1/21/07 11:19:55PM
ill take cote for 25...this fight can go either way..and 25 isnt a ridiculous bet..like some others i seen
1/23/07 2:34:44PM
aight if ur still up ..i'll take cote for 20
1/23/07 3:32:21PM
I will take three or four $25 wagers against Scott Smith. I think he has this fight.
1/25/07 4:41:26PM
I got any amount on scott smith to win, just send me a wager...
1/25/07 7:16:56PM
ill wager $50 on that for cote he has it in the bag. smith is a gamer but cote has a rock solid chin and has some power.
1/25/07 7:21:59PM
done deal... scott smith will knock him out...
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