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3/27/08 7:56:47AM
(Note: This is different from the other suggestions that have been made recently by other people, so they should not be coming after me for this)

I think we should seriously consider making some changes to how certain fights are scored based on outcomes, especially after recent fight cards where this has been an issue (namely DREAM 1 and WEC 33). Here are a couple ideas I've been tossing around:
Draws-either make it an option for a fight for picking the winner and award 5 points if the fight is a Draw, OR if said fight ends in a draw, award a lower amount of points to everyone who made picks for that fight-my initial thought is 3 points. I know that Draws are very rare unless there's some kind of penalty, but when they do happen it seems to mess up scoring and a lot of people either complain or they act like it should be scored one way or the other.

DQs-I noticed on WEC 33 that the fight ended in a DQ only scored for the winner and the round the fight ended in, which is kinda along the lines of what I would have suggested. Personally I agree with the scoring in this case.

Doctor/Corner Stoppages (usually due to injury or cut)-Maybe just clarify somewhere that for scoring purposes these are treated as TKOs.

No Contests-Just clarify that if a fight is ruled a No Contest immediately (not later on appeal or for some other reason, like the Nick Diaz-Takanori Gomi fight a while back), the bout is thrown out and not scored.

That's about all I can think of now, I'll edit later if I think of other stuff to add.
3/27/08 9:02:51AM
Wouldnt everyone getting 3 points be the same as everyone getting 0 points? But yeah DRAW should be an option, im just not sure if anyone would ever pick it, let alone pick it right! You would need to add split draw as well which happened in that fight

Maybe should add a DQ option as well, i sure want to pick that for Kyle!
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