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5/15/07 2:25:58PM
well this should be interesting..
5/15/07 2:35:45PM
Well this is going to **** up people's bets. Everyone and their dog was betting on this fight.
5/15/07 2:42:04PM
Not be a source Nazi or anything, but.... source?

It's not on, Sherdog or MMA weekly yet
5/15/07 2:44:46PM
ufcmania i think.. i saw it today too.

dang it i was sure schafer was gonna win this one
5/15/07 2:47:31PM
Yeah I was betting in favor of him too.
5/15/07 3:10:17PM
The funny thing is that this was the hot bout too.
5/15/07 3:13:12PM
this is from his camp...they are looking for companys to sponsor of them being my is the email...its also on
Alan was asked to take a fight on a week and a half notice last night against Sean Salmon at 205 on May 26 in Las Vegas on the Liddell/Rampage card. Just wanted to let you all know and to see if you know anyone would like to sponsor. Please let me know.

we just found out last night, we don't even have shorts yet lol. we are going to work on this today. he usually wears title boxing shorts, have any suggestions?

5/15/07 3:48:57PM

Posted by www-WeLoan-us

this is from his camp...

I'll take that.
5/15/07 4:28:45PM
I am pretty suprised to see him jump right back into a fight after that brutal elbow that cut him open on the top of his head. By the looks of it IMO it needed stiches...I have to give him Props for wanting to fight again so soon...
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