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POLL: Who will win ?
Eric Schafer 24% (6)
Houston Alexander 56% (14)
Dana White by Superman Punch 20% (5)
7/3/08 12:41:37PM
Who are you picking to win ?

I'm taking Schafer to win this one early, a takedown then qucik submission. I mean if this guy could last 2 round with Bisping and Bonanr, and beat Rob MacDonald, he can definately beat Houston.

Even though it's sometime away, what are your picks ?
7/3/08 12:50:07PM
The Cubs, Zambrano could take them easily. Alexander by round 1 T/KO.
7/3/08 4:46:21PM
Eric easily takes this in my Opinion, he has some of the Best Jits for a 205er
7/3/08 9:14:10PM
Schafer likes to stand and bang at times....I think Houston takes his head off real quick like.
7/3/08 9:19:07PM

Posted by jae_1833

Schafer likes to stand and bang at times....I think Houston takes his head off real quick like.

but after 2 straight losses do you real think he'd be that stupid and stand and bang, he'll probably pull guard like in the Bonnar fight.
7/3/08 10:48:06PM
IDK...some times you just go on instincts. I know this if he gets Houston to the ground he'll sub him real easy like. I just think that Houston is going to get a W so that I have to keep watching him.
7/4/08 1:13:20AM
Schafer sub inside a minute
7/4/08 11:37:10AM

Posted by MMAcca

Schafer sub inside a minute

whatever he wants as well

This is seriously the most BAFFLING matchmaking ever, thought they would want to build Houston back up by giving him a fellow slugger to maybe beat but WTF they must want to build ravishing red instead
7/4/08 1:22:34PM
I think so, he's more of an MMA fighter than one dimensional .... I hate that.
7/17/08 9:19:45PM
Eric recently earned his blackbelt, with that said, one would assume maybe he'd wanna take it to the ground.Rightfully so, look at the Thiago fight. It was wat it was and you can't blame him.
I'm from Omaha. I've talked to Houston in the past month. I told him to prepare for some banging because I think Red is gonna try do the opposite of what peole might think. Houston still believes that the Irvin fight was a "stupid" stoppage (which I agreed it was flukish, but still justifiable and correct) and that he didn't need to change anything after the Silva fight. who knows how thick that dome of his is...? Fact is, he loses this fight-Contract is up- and I don't see him coming back unless he goes on a mean streak somewhere else, and Definitly improves his game.ALL AROUND
7/17/08 10:26:16PM
I really don't feel like Eric is going to beable to get this fight to the ground. I mean, say what you like about Houston, the guy is a f**king monster and while his technique is pretty questionable is k.o power is not. I think hes spent a large part of his training camp on basic sub defence, and his sprawl, which will work wonders for him against a guy who's takedowns suck, imo.

I got him for a k.o inside 40 seconds. Upmost respect for eric, hes as game as they come as has some awesome jits, but i just dont think he'll beable to take alexander down which is his only hope in this fight imo.
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