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4/13/08 3:03:19AM

Posted by John_Jobber

Old School AA

Looks so much like George Michael to me...I'd be scared to get raped in a back alley by him.

What about Jens Pulver? Mikey Burnett?...and this man....
4/14/08 12:04:33AM
After some thought and some consideration i will say Brock Lesnar. the dude is huge. he would have to be wearing a shirt though. If i could see the cocksword tattoo on his chest i couldnt stop laughing in his face.
2/5/09 1:15:11PM
I got to say:
Wanderlei Silva
Rampage Jackson
Keith Jardine
2/5/09 1:32:40PM
Chiek Kongo for sure
2/5/09 2:01:54PM

Posted by masodd

Chiek Kongo for sure

I agree also
Hes a beast of a man!
2/5/09 2:13:02PM
For me, intimidating is...

Kevin Randleman

Mirko Cro-Cop

Wanderlei Silva

Melvin Manhoef

Babalu Sobral
2/5/09 2:28:29PM
Babalu takes the cake.
2/5/09 8:53:03PM
This is pretty damn scary

When Jon fitch puts on his mean face hes kinda scary lookin, but not as scary as this
2/6/09 11:15:03PM
Mike Tyson, 'cause you know he isn't all there

2/7/09 12:14:12PM
Babalu, Lindland, Monson and old AA

Close seconds are Mark Hominick (the guy looks like a muppet IMO), Shane Carwin and James Thompson
2/7/09 12:19:26PM
I think I've already said it once on this thread but I will say it again. It has to be Keith Jardine.
2/9/09 9:25:59AM
Gotta add Manhoef to my list... That dude is scary lookin
2/9/09 9:46:54AM

Posted by mrsmiley

This guy

WOW... he looks like he mainlined some speed and did an ounce of blow. wtf is wrong with his eyes?? I would be terrified of eyepoking him every time I threw a punch lolol.

Kevin Burns vs Vlad the Impaler - guaranteed eyepoke TKO victory.
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