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9/24/07 1:53:41PM
Just joined a while ago and am still learning the in's and out's of the site.
Still need to update a lot of stuff on my profile as well.
Anyway,I've been into Mma since '94 and have always been the one to try and get friends into it.So,It's cool to now have a place where everyone is into it and I don't have to drag people kicking and screaming into it.This was a great idea for a site and want to give thanks to it's creators for giving people like myself a place to feel more involved in the greatest sport on the planet!!
Anyway, It's been fun so far and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.You guy's be cool and good luck on your picks.Talk to you all later.
9/24/07 4:26:20PM
9/24/07 5:02:15PM
welcome to the site
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