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9/11/07 9:34:33PM
saw4 is comeing out october 26 it looks crazy
9/11/07 10:04:19PM
no comlaints about any of the other movies this is few and far between good series can't wait for it
9/11/07 11:39:15PM
ive nvr seen any of the saws
9/12/07 10:10:22AM
Yo that movie should be crazy! Im going too see it whose coming?
9/15/07 7:56:42PM
I am one of the biggest SAW fans there is and I cant wait for this movie.

I just saw the other day when they released the 17+ trailer of the autoposy on Jiggy. So, so, sweet.

I have no idea how this movie is going to play out, all I know is they said the ending is absolutely fantastic
9/15/07 9:26:24PM
I think they should have stopped at the 3rd but those greedy bastards want to milk it until it's dead.
9/15/07 10:10:00PM
again that movie is getting old all of them
9/16/07 8:26:31AM
Yeah we had a thread on this a while back. They are milking this cash cow for all its worth!

That said, I will still see it, if just for the gore and torture.

Whats on the tape? Omg, could Jigsaw have found a way to manipulate things before his death, so that when he dies, it sets in motion events that will lead to the gruesome death of more people? I am shocked!

9/16/07 3:52:30PM
I think it's a total of six movies.
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