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1/20/09 7:36:47PM
Is Saw5 any good came out on DVD today, thoughts.
1/20/09 8:11:05PM
i didnt really like it much. im kind of sick of the SAW series though. i'd suggest renting it first
1/20/09 8:14:38PM
I actually thought it was pretty good. I saw it the first day that it came out last October.

The best part is that they do a really good job of answering a lot of questions that you probably had from the first 4 movies (and some that you didn't), and the end is definitely unbelievable.

I'd say buy it if you're a hardcore fan, rent if you're only a casual fan.
1/20/09 8:24:49PM
Watching right now its almost over, answered alot of questions, but just a casual fan so, I didnt care for it much so.
1/20/09 9:28:11PM
It's not that great. I was a fan of the first one, so I've watched each one as they've come out. It just seems like they are trying to one up the last movie each time, while the story just gets more and more convoluted. It's getting pretty lame, but I'm a big enough fan of the genre that I'll probably still watch VI when it comes out.
1/20/09 10:40:49PM
i personally don't enjoy watching people being tortured, i know weird...
1/20/09 11:36:28PM
I thought a lot of the storyline was cool like the questions being answered like someone said earlier, but i haven't seen saw 2 or 4 so there was still some stuff i didnt get.
1/20/09 11:47:23PM

Posted by mentalcase

i personally don't enjoy watching people being tortured, i know weird...

With a name like "mentalcase".....yes, yes that is weird
1/21/09 1:30:56AM
I saw it, I personally didn't like it, but then again the SAW series has gone down in quality since after SAW 2(at least in my opinion).
1/21/09 10:31:04AM
I don't know if it's me getting old or what... But a few months ago, I was flipping around on TV and stumbled across SawIV... It had just started so I decided to give it a try (I've seen only the first two)... And a few minutes into the movie, I started wondering what was wrong with me, and why I'd really want to watch something like this... To me there really isn't much to these movies except for trying to out-do the latest bit of graphic violence and it just started to seem wrong to me... It's not like they're scary, just disgusting... And who really wants to see a movie that's just filled with horific eye candy like that? Not me anyways...

Like I said, maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I found Jesus or something... But these movies aren't for me in the least... Although I did like the first one, from what I remember
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