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11/1/10 10:41:35PM
Okay so after my workouts ive been hitting up a dry sauna for aout 10-20min, i then take a 10min swim, i was just curious if this is a good way to cut down body fat, or if it just takes out water weight and puts more back on.
11/1/10 11:46:43PM
Bad for gabe ruediger

Im not sure if it cuts down body fat.
11/2/10 1:50:18AM
When I wrestled (long ago) we used it primarily for cutting weight....that is ridding your body of excess water weight in order to make weight for a weigh in. I've seen many a fat old man in a sauna, and they all stated that they had used it for years so I don't think it helps in the long run. Diet is really the only long term proven body fat diminisher that I know of.
11/15/10 9:08:15PM
it may be good for relaxation and recovery but not much else
2/7/11 10:01:15AM
It is generally good for sweating only. other benefits are mostly for relaxation and pain relief.
2/7/11 3:51:53PM

Posted by going2

it may be good for relaxation and recovery but not much else

So you're claiming the sauna was invented for relaxation and recovery? There are many healthy benefits from sauna treatment. For example a 30 minute sauna gets rid of a lot of toxins in the body.
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