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1/23/10 12:54:46PM
"I'm excited I get to fight, I'm excited that I get to fight for a title, and the fact that it's for Strikeforce, a good promotion that's supporting the females fighting. I'm currently ranked No. 1 and she's No. 2, so I just think it's great all around," Kaufman said in an interview with on Friday.

1/23/10 2:12:27PM
Women's MMA Titles need to come together.....
125 lbs. - Tara Larosa
135 lbs. - Kaufman v Hashi winner
145 lbs. - Santos v Coenen winner
I am sure they could find great 115ers and 155ers to fill in the blanks, the lighter could easily be found through all the Japanease Circuits, as for the 155ers we could start with Carano. Seriously though, if done correctly Strikeforce could become the UFC of women's MMA. They could have a lot of fights to fill the gaps when it comes to their lack of events. I would love to see it.
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