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3/27/12 1:08:55AM
Former Strikeforce women’s bantamweight titleholder Sarah Kaufman has a vision for how the organization should promote the female 135-pound division.

Kaufman faces newly crowned champion Ronda Rousey later this year in an effort to reclaim the belt. She laid out a blueprint to on how to best promote female mixed martial artists.

3/27/12 12:15:23PM
she does have a point. SF should be the premier spot for womens MMA and they need to start building and promoting it just like the UFC is trying to sell the flywieghts
3/27/12 1:13:52PM
Spot on. The talent bookers have to realize you can't run this like men's MMA and cut women after a couple losses, because there's no one to replace them. If they want to make a serious WMMA league, they need to scoop up every ounce of talent out there and hang ont it, even if they don't always win. If women fighters see they can actually make a living and have enough fights booked, they'll put the effort in to become better. WMMA is something that needs to be invested in, or it'll never be anything except a couple decent fighters and a bunch of tomato cans.
3/27/12 1:26:28PM
i think woman's MMA will have a difficult time for the foreseeable future. they are having a hard enough time filling more than one weight class. plus, with a champ like cyborg, it got stale just watching cyborg beat everyone up because there was no worthy opponents. they could realistically make a top ten list out of the entire WMMA roster. i hope it catches on and we get more athletes like rousey in there.
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