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POLL: who wins?
James by tko 15% (10)
Anderson by KO 43% (28)
Anderson by tko 38% (25)
James by Decision 0% (0)
Anderson by Sub 3% (2)
Anderson by Decision 0% (0)
7/11/08 10:40:44PM
Toughest test? No freakin way. Are you REALLY trying to tell me that James Irvin is a better fighter then Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt, Jeremy Horn and Hayato Sakurai? Its gonna be a bigger challenge then most people think, but certainly won't be the toughest he's faced.
7/11/08 11:19:38PM
Anderson Silva is P4P one of the best fighters out there... I doubt Irvin will be able to stand with him, however I do think he will put up somewhat of a fight... im looking forward to seeing this but I do think the affliction show is way better...

Could Irvin upset Silva? Possibly, but I dont see a good chance of that happening.. we both know Silva will be coming out in a flurry as its his debut @ 205lbs in the UFC...

Cant wait for fight night, should be sick!!
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