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3/28/07 4:46:14PM
In the world of MMA, it seems helpful to know as much about your opponent as possible. Josh Koscheck will soon enter the ring to do battle with UFC’s premier Young Turk, Diego Sanchez, who happens to have a Hispanic heritage.

3/28/07 6:03:03PM
i think if diego does what i think he will do against koscheck then they need to start offering him a shot at the belt or even just the top contenders

3/28/07 7:34:31PM
I thought Dana mentioned that the winner of this fight is getting a title shot.
3/28/07 8:26:33PM
really? that sounds good then

cause sanchez has beat some good fighters, i think he is ready for a shot

maybe im just being naive but i dont see koscheck beating diego
3/29/07 12:45:39AM
Listen to Dana's comments on the official UFC 69 site. I am pretty sure he mentions the title shot. Though, he doesn't say when that will be.
3/29/07 11:44:41AM
Diego should be getting paid more than Herring.
3/29/07 12:24:05PM

Posted by creativedestruction

Diego should be getting paid more than Herring.

He should be based on his performances but thats big business for you!

The truth is UFC made Diego a star off the back of a reality tv show, with the promise of a six-figure contract at the end of it. This guaranteed him stability and a bright future in the sport, NOT Riches beyond his wildest dreams.

While Heath came to the UFC having paid his dues, fought some of the top heavyweights in the world and made a big name for himself in Japan.

Of course hes gonnna have more bargaining power than Diego. But time will paint a different picture. And with the money in MMA right now, it wont be long before Diego joins the UFC millionaires club!
3/29/07 12:36:48PM
Koscheck will get Sanchez down. Diego even admitted in an interview that he thought his wrestling was good until he fought Koscheck. But Diego does have a great ground game and good stand up. I think he will out-class Koscheck and take the win.
3/30/07 1:36:58PM
If everything goes right in this fight for Diego, then he should start facing some top contenders. Here pretty soon I think we are going to get the best of Diego Sanchez. His next few fights are going to test him and we are going to get to see what he is really made of and if he is destined to be one of the greatest welter weights. As for the Title shot I thought Hughes was next in line for GSP if he wins next saturday.
3/31/07 2:39:15AM
Sanchez is working on paying his dues but I don't think he has seen anywhere close to the competition that Herring has. Until he has, he should let the man make his money. Athletes who complain how much others are making sound childish to me. Herring earned his, go earn yours before you complain.
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