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4/23/09 10:19:42AM
Okay well tell me how you guys think this fight is going to go down. I'm curious to see how Sanchez, is going to react to Guida's high energy and his ability to always push forward and not get tired. I think Sanchez is going to play a little counter striking and pick his shots when Guida comes in and eventually pull out a decission win because Guida's chin is just too strong to get dropped in my opinon.
4/23/09 10:50:40AM
I agree.

Both are very explosive fighters, so it should make for a good main event. Guida will control the wrestling but Sanchez has the better subs. On the feet, I think its pretty even, but Guida may have the more powerful strikes with Sanchez having the crisper striking. I see Sanchez doing enough to get the decision victory here due to overall better skill, but wouldnt be surprised to see a Guida upset.
4/23/09 1:46:32PM
I'm going to go with a Unanimous Deci for Sanchez just cuz Guida's frantic pace only earned him a split decision victory over Nate Diaz... which was a snooze fest with basically no action at all.

Sanchez will push the pace of this fight, and I will be very suprised if Guida can pull off an upset... unless he hugs him into another split decision victory.
4/23/09 3:31:36PM
Guida will not control the wrestling in this fight. Guida is a small 155 and Sanchez will be able to overpower him. Plus, Sanchez is a great scrambler. He'll end up on top for most of the fight, and he'll win the striking exchanges. UD for Sanchez.
4/23/09 3:58:54PM

I think Sanchez has the tools to stop Guida short. Speed, takedowns (and defense), stamina and strength. He's a monster at lightweight and now he's experienced at cutting weight so he won't have any issues there.

Guida's 'frantic' pace was stopped short by a quick and versatile Nate Diaz. Guida looked to be perfecting his standup L&P technique. I am a huge Diaz fan so admittedly I am biased, but Guida showed me no reason to put him in the upper tier of the LW division. Guida won't be able to hug Diego for minutes on end like he did Nate.

As much as it pains me to say: Sanchez by UD.
4/23/09 4:14:30PM
On the feet, hands down, Sanchez will land better and more shots. With grappling aspect I think Sanchez will be able to put Guida on his back. I think it will be a UD for Sanchez and an easy 11 points for me!!! Sucks though because Guida is one of my favorite LW's.
4/23/09 4:29:39PM
Sanchez by UD

But I wouldn't be completely suprised if he finishes Guida before the final bell...his high pace will match Guidas and that may throw him off and get him caught in a late sub or even a tko..

But either way I gotta go with Sanchez
4/23/09 5:55:32PM
im cheering for the double ko, dont like either fighter
4/23/09 6:28:26PM
I don't like Sanchez too much, but I really really dislike Guida so I'll cheer for Sanchez.

Please, Mr. Guida, don't hug Sanchez for the entire fight and make it all boring like you did in your fight with N. Diaz.
4/23/09 7:19:13PM
I'm going with Sanchez.
4/23/09 10:10:05PM
OMG Sanchez won't be able to handle Guida's pace? Are you serious? As far as I'm concerned Sanchez was the Clay Guida at 170. He never stopped coming at you and had probably the best conditioning and cardio at 170. Maybe if it was his first fight Guida would wear him down since Sanchez had the cut weight issue, but I think Diego's adjusted better to the cut so I don't think it will be a problem.

And this fight definitely won't be boring TRUST ME! Guida will not be able to hug Sanchez the whole time even if he wanted too which I'm sure he doesn't. Guida really only has horrible fights with guys with not so good wrestling that he can just hug but with other wrestlers that he can't just hold down he fights awesome!!!! So this will be a pretty sick fight!

With that said why should Diego just come at him with the same pace. I think he'll be more technical like in the Stevenson fight but he'll have more strikes to counter with the even more aggressive Guida which will make for a great fight. I believe Diego definitely has the better boxing, all Guida has is a great chin IMO but Huerta rocked him so I definitely think Diego can KO him. Diego has more power, more speed IMO, just as good a chin, and on the ground Diego's just as good a wrestlerand with him dropping down he actually has the size advantage so nobody will really be able to hold him down for 3 rounds except MAYBE Sherk. But with BJJ definitely Diego. I think Diego will definitely beat him where the fight goes except maybe in the clinch but Clay won't be able to keep him their long enough IMO so I definitely see Diego take the decision if it goes there, but I think Diego could definitely stop him. He could be on top and stop him or maybe drop him like Huerta, and definitely pull out a sub. I'll be safe with a decision win for Diego, but I definitely am hoping and woudln't be surprised if Diego stops him if Diego is done with the weight issues and is back to the old Diego that fought at 170 just bigger and badder at 155!!!
4/24/09 8:30:27PM
I've got to go with Sanchez. I think he has enough wrestling experience to keep these fight off the mat, and striking is much better.
Based off their histories, I want to say this will go to decision, but both of them are just so aggressive and energetic and i think that will factor into a 3rd stoppage after 12 minutes of excitement
4/24/09 9:49:08PM
I love this matchup. Diego has struggled against larger wrestlers like Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch--but how will he fare against a slightly better wrestler, but one that he is larger than?

It's interesting...I consider Clay to be a somewhat one-dimensional fighter, but yet he has never lost via KO. He's good at enforcing his gameplan, and suffocating his opponents--effectively neutralizing their ability to land any significant strikes.

I wasn't impressed with Diego last time out, but his elusive style he utilized last time out would be a really effective gameplan against Guida. I'm leaning towards Diego being able to shrug off Guida for the most part--maybe Guida takes the final round in a close desicion that goes Diego's way.
4/24/09 10:28:27PM
If guida puts Sanchez on his back, Diego is still more liable to sweep him and reverse position then it is that Guida will be able to hold it.
4/25/09 5:21:00AM
i think Sanchez will be able to sprawl well enough for the first two rounds before Guida can get him down, but if Guida can get him down(and keep him down) that's his ticket to winnig
4/25/09 1:02:31PM
sadly Sanchez by UD
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