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10/31/07 3:11:58PM
I was watching the Spurs play the Blazers yesturday and during the game they put the camera on Jesse James Leija (ex-boxing champ) and they said the Spurs had been training with Leija to help them with conditioning and hand eye coordination.......also said Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan were the best boxers

"James Leija also informed Boxingtalk that he was recently hired by the San Antonio Spurs NBA franchise, as a conditioning trainer. Leija works with the Spurs two days a week, teaching them hand and eye coordination, heavy bag, foot work, and additional boxing techniques that will be implemented into the Spurs training regimen."


Guess nobody's gonna wanna play dirty with them from now on
11/1/07 7:36:11PM
Interesting...and good to see Leija (a hometown boy) getting work with them.
Seems to make good sense for dexterity and coordination as well as conditioning, kind of like defensive linemen doing Wing Chun and ballet (don't laugh, it actually helps a lot!).
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