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1/15/11 5:30:53PM
The actual suit was filed two years ago, but the reason that I'm posting this topic is because they are about to start court proceedings shortly. I find it very interesting and thought I'd see what the Playground though.

Sam Keller might not have been the college quarterback that many thought that he would be, but he soon might make a name for himself as the guy that took down the NCAA.

Keller, who played at Arizona State and Nebraska, is suing Electronic Arts [ERTS 15.95 -0.09 (-0.56%) ] and the NCAA for the "blatant and unlawful use" of student-athlete likenesses in video games.


ncordless,you in particular, I'm curious as to how you think this will go.
1/15/11 5:38:28PM
NCAA using student-athlete likenesses for financial gain??? I don't want to believe it!
1/15/11 6:42:42PM
Heres hoping everyone gets what they deserve.
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