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6/5/07 9:17:43AM

Through the website, many people have become big fans of Sean Salmon. The site not only sponsored Salmon for his two UFC fights but hosted semi-regular columns from the former amateur wrestling standout.

Salmon lost his UFC debut to Rashad Evans at a UFC Fight Night event in January and followed up the disappointing performance with a quick loss to Alan Belcher at UFC 71. He had one more fight remaining on his UFC contract but Salmon has revealed in his latest column that his last fight will delayed and that he’s been granted permission to fight for other organizations.

What’s likely to happen is that Salmon will fight for smaller, regional promotions under the watchful eye of the UFC. They will retain the option of bringing him back to the big show at a later date. This is something they’ve done with several young fighters so Salmon’s arrangement is not uncommon.

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