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10/20/09 1:40:23PM
Former UFC fighter Sean Salmon has been given a 1-year administrative suspension and a $2500 fine by the Ohio Athletic Commission for for "not fighting to the best of his ability" and "conduct detrimental to the sport." The suspension and fine resulted from a Sept. 2 column for in which Salmon, who is author of the site's "Full-Time Fighter" blog, said he allowed opponent Allan Weickert to tap him out a June 6 NAAFS event in Ohio. The suspension is retroactive and ends June 6, 2010, but apparently didn't stop Salmon from beating Yuki Sasaki by decision in Finland this past weekend.

10/20/09 1:49:08PM
Good to see that he got what he deserved.
10/20/09 2:18:23PM
This is only in Ohio, I assume?

There are plenty of other states to fight in...
10/20/09 2:42:47PM
Seems to be the usual policy-nationwide, but not necessarily worldwide.
10/20/09 7:23:45PM
His article was one of the most despicable things I've read from a fighter. It was just so arrogant and pompous to make parenthetical comments about how easily you could escape your opponent's sub attempts to "prove" that you're the better fighter and then go on to say you threw the match.

You know if he had just said "I was having terrible problems, my mind wasn't right, etc. and I wasn't in the fight, I just gave up" I might have some sympathy for the guy, but to write it in such a way so as to assure the readers that you could have won if you felt like it is downright disrespectful and a sad attempt at stroking his own ego.

"oh well, my opponent wasn't very good, there was no possible way he could have beaten me, and I even escaped a sub just to prove it. Then I decide ahh, whatever, I'm just going to let him sub me in case I get a cut."

Never watching this guy fight as long as I live, and I really hope he finds a new job as a wrestling coach or something because he doesn't belong in the ring if that's how he's going to behave.
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