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6/8/07 1:09:07AM

6/7/09: UFC veteran Sean Salmon will be replacing Ron Faircloth in this Saturday nights Fight Nite in the Flats III event in downtown Cleveland. Faircloth was not cleared by the Ohio athletic commission due to a previous medical suspension resulting from his bout at UFC 55 in Connecticut and was forced to withdraw from this weekends match up against Jason "Freebird" Freeman (8-1).

Salmon will enter the NAAFS cage at 9-3 overall with his last two bouts coming in the Octagon at UFC 71 and Ultimate Fight Night 8 on Spike TV.

As for the Freebird, when informed of the change, Freeman told PKW that he was excited about the opportunity to face Salmon and assures fans they will see the best of Jason Freeman come June 9th.

In addition, Team Next Levels Chris Green (4-1) will replace team mate mark Hoppel this saturday and will square off against 2006 NAAFS National LHW Champion Chuck Ellison (5-1) in a preliminary bout.

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6/8/07 6:49:37AM
NICE !!!!!!

I'm a big fan of both of these guys. I know Sean is on a couple fight loosing streak, but he still brings a lot to the cage. Freebird is from a small town of only about 3,000 people and thats where i grew up so I'm pulling for Freebird. I'm sure NOBODY on here has probably heard of Jason Freeman but he is a devasting striker and well versed on the ground. He is not going to out wrestle Sean though. I would like to see a 2nd RD KO win for Freeman, but feel that sean is probably the favorite in this match. Sorry for ramblig, just excited when I read this news......
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