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7/5/07 12:06:19AM
Who would you rather see Sanchez face? I would choose BJ just because i've never seen Hayato fight before and I loved the Penn vs Pulver fight so I pick BJ.
7/5/07 12:10:44AM
I'd rather see sakurai. but evidently we're not seeing sakurai or penn fight sanchez
7/5/07 12:16:08AM
I would love to see him fight both, as they would both most likely pick Sanchez apart. However I had a feeling from day 1 that neither of there rumored fights would hold. They don't make much sence as far as benefiting the UFC unless it was a main event though, as they're both lose/lose...
7/5/07 12:22:32AM
id pick Sakurai hes a demon and is a tough little guy
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