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POLL: Who will win?
Mach Sakurai 45% (20)
Nick Diaz 55% (24)
6/16/08 2:24:10PM
Who takes it?
6/16/08 2:28:43PM
Mach. Too good for Diaz. Now if anything happens after the fight, push.
6/16/08 2:31:32PM
This one's really hard for me to call...

They are a couple of my favorite fighters, and I can see where they'd both have advantages... I just get a little discouraged when I see how poor Diaz's wrestling is... Mach has very sturdy judo and a better standup game, so I am leaning toward Sakurai
6/16/08 2:36:52PM
I am also leaning towards Mach by a UD, but I could see it going either way. It will all depend on which Diaz and Sakurai show up.
6/16/08 3:02:27PM
hope Mach comes in shape, if he is i think he is more than Diaz can Handle, but lately he has shown poor cardio, which could end up being a deciding factor in the match (diaz is hard to finish)
6/16/08 3:12:17PM

Posted by juanez13

hope Mach comes in shape, if he is i think he is more than Diaz can Handle, but lately he has shown poor cardio, which could end up being a deciding factor in the match (diaz is hard to finish)

at 170 i am sure his cardio will be fine...especially for a title match.
6/16/08 5:52:14PM
very tough fight to call... I think I have to give an advantage on the feet to Sakurai and the ground game to Diaz. I expect an all-out war... very tough fight to call but I think Diaz finds a way to submit Mach from his back after taking a lot of punishment.
6/16/08 6:05:02PM
in this fight im going with diaz because he has a couple tuff losses latly and lots of contreversy. so i think hes gonna be on a tyraid. he will win this to prove a point. but as experienced and skilled as sakurai i could see him pulling it out. but i think it will be another gogo.
6/16/08 7:37:57PM
In an MMA fight I say they are pretty even............In a streetfight with prison rules. I think NIck Diaz takes it via Nate Diaz shank to the back.
6/16/08 9:14:06PM
Ive got to go with Mach by UD in a standup war. Diaz does not have the wrestling to get it to the ground where he could win.
6/17/08 1:54:20AM
sakurai is very good but i think if it gets taken down i think diaz can submit him... but i ithink sakurai has better standup and knowing diaz hell stand with him. so it depends where the fight goes and who shows up

my pick is

Diaz rd 2. sub:)
6/17/08 4:05:18AM
Diaz is gonna need some more plastic surgery to fix up his face after Sakurai is done with him quote dis if you down charlie brown
6/17/08 5:22:06AM
I disagree with the majority of you and believe that Diaz actually has the better stand up. His boxing is very crisp and accurate.

I believe that Mach has the ability to take Nick down and stay out of sub attempts en route to a UD win.
6/17/08 1:56:07PM
Sakurai in Seattle

Hayato Sakurai will face Nick Diaz on July 21 in a match to decide the first-ever DREAM Welterweight Champion. But before that goes down, "Mach" has some eating to do... American style.

Suki MMA translated the former DEEP and Shooto fighter's blog posts from this week:

** June 16 **
The U.S. is a place I don't have to speak in Japanese, as though I cannot speak in English. I'm here with my teammate, Kondo, this time. I don't have a driver's license now because my license was canceled due to high speed.

Rest of blog here:
6/17/08 8:08:51PM
Diaz. not by ease but just see him taking this one. VERY CONFIDENT
6/17/08 8:52:33PM
Diaz with a late sub.
6/17/08 9:22:46PM
I have to take Mach because he has more power than Diaz on the feet and Diaz likes to sit in the pocket and throw punches, and he eats alot of shots, And if Mach connects he can put him down. He also should be able to take Diaz down and stay out of his submissions, but you never known what can happen, i'm looking forward to to Great Fight!
6/17/08 9:25:24PM
Diaz has looked rather slow lately, and not as impressive as he once was..I see him losing this one.
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