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6/3/07 12:40:22AM
the fight wasnt overly entertaining, and both guys showed their age, but i thought saku won the fight. unfortunately the judges didnt and royce avenged his earlier loss to saku. horrible to see saku lose, time to drink heavily.
6/3/07 12:50:15AM
what, no, bullshit!!!!!
6/3/07 12:59:23AM
Neither fighter deserved to win in that fight it was terrible, Saku didnt even looked like he wanted to fight at all, terrible fight.
6/3/07 2:05:04AM
That fight was so boring? I think we all wasted our money ordering the ppv.
Fanboy 1988
6/3/07 2:37:39AM
I loved the fight, Royce should how much more he improved since they last went at it

When Saku knocked Royce down we didn't many chop kicks from Saku, it was Royce kicking Saku this time from his back. It might not have done alot of damage but still..

When they were standing up Royce was doing damage with leg kicks, Saku's right leg was bruising up pretty bad toward the end of the second round and the start of the third...

When they clinched Royce was staying more active be kneeing Saku's leg over and over again.. Toward the end of the third round Saku just seemed to lay on the turnbuckle and not doing anything while Royce was still working

It wasn't boring it was very technical. Royce didn't lay a merciless ass beating on Saku by any means, but the way I judged it I gave the first round to Saku but rounds two and three to Royce...

6/3/07 2:38:15AM
saku was def robbed. i was at the event though, good stuff!
6/3/07 9:36:39AM
I agree...Saku was robbed. Gracie, as always, kept active by continuously hitting/kicking/chopping at some body part...the death by 1000 paper cuts approach...Saku did much greater damage from the strikes that he landed. He put him down in the first and threw some good knees from the clinch on a couple of different occasions. Saku's submission attempts were better as well. Gracie had 1 or 2, but never even got close to securing them.

I scored it 29-28 Sakuraba. Cecil Peoples is blind as a bat. The only way I see it going 30-27 in Gracie's favor would be if they were keeping a running tally of love-taps. Makes me think that K-1 has some future dealings with Royce. I can maybe see 29-28 Gracie, but the first round is a no-brainer.
6/4/07 11:13:42AM
It's sad to hear that he got robbed like that. I should soon be able to see the original match as I have the Pride dvd set containing it coming soon on pre-order. Still, bummed to hear Sakuraba got robbed!
6/4/07 6:11:47PM
he didnt get robbed at all people! Easily Unanimous decision, even if it didnt do much damage, royce actually did something. Saku landed one big punch then was content to not do anything
Fanboy 1988
6/5/07 2:56:50AM

Posted by loller90278

saku was def robbed. i was at the event though, good stuff!

How was he robbed??? Sakuraba landed one flurry of knees in the clinch, that didn't hurt Royce and while he was doing this Royce consistently landed some nice uppercuts to the body and Saku went for a standing kimura a few times, but never came close to pulling out that's all he did in that entire fight, while Royce on the other hand consistently attacked Sakuraba's leg and was more aggressive than Sakuraba and also in the third round he had Sakuraba's back in the clinch and landing punches to Saku's head for a very long time which is considered to be dominant positioning, Royce Gracie clearly won this fight, all the announcers knew it, the whole Gracie family knew and the judges knew it
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