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2/26/07 2:18:53PM
I was just watching the video and it looked like sakarabu tapped to a gracie choke????
2/26/07 2:55:51PM
I made the same assumption when I first saw the fight. Here's the story:
Royce accidentally kneed his nuts and Saku was just letting him know he was okay. (He could've made them split up and restart)

Both fighters confirm this and if you watch closely, he tapped TWICE. A tap-out in PRIDE takes 3 taps
2/26/07 3:02:23PM
In most orgs it is 3 taps on either the body or Mat or yourself. So 2 taps dont count. And if both fighters agree it wasnt a tap then it wasnt. Its like when people argue a fight was stopped early but neither fighter does. That means it wasnt.
2/27/07 6:32:35PM
The double tap was sak mocking gracie. Gracie had all kinds of conditions b4 he would sign. Love em or hate em the gracies make sure they get every advantage.
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