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1/3/08 12:52:47AM


A change might do him good.

Italian-Brazilian bruiser Alessio Sakara has committed to American Top Team, a spokesman for the Coconut Creek, Fla. team confirmed Wednesday.

Though he sports a 6-1 pro boxing record, Sakara has yet to find his stride in the cage. He (11-6) has gone 2-3 in the Octagon since his October 2005 debut against Ron Faircloth at UFC 55 yielded a no contest from a low blow.

The 26-year-old Sakara went toe-to-toe with Houston Alexander last September at UFC 75 in London, England, and crumbled with a knee in just over a minute.

1/3/08 12:55:19AM
im happy to hear this, i always enjoyed his fight, but it always seems that he is overwhelmed easily, so i hope this turns out for the best, and he shows up more prepared and ready to go
1/3/08 1:00:57AM
WOW this is really good to hear. He has been having really tough move to MMA. But is it really going to give Sakara enough time to be ready for this fight. I might pick Sakara now.
1/3/08 9:00:27AM
ATT is good so i can see Sakara winning this, but i still wouldn't be so sure.

While the team does have guys like JZ and Alves, they have an edge with their athletecism, which sakara doesn't have.
1/3/08 6:21:42PM
good move for sakara, and an equally good move to change weight classes after his fight. sakara is a very talented fighter but he needs to work on his ground game and his punching power is not good at 205, the move to att and 185 could help both of those problems greatly, dont know if he will win any belts but he will be a tough fight for anybody at that weight class.
1/3/08 6:57:34PM
Says the guy has a BJJ Brwn Belt, but I have never seen him use any of the BJJ skills really....either way good camp for Sakara and a drop in wieght class could help him as well.
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