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8/4/09 5:57:54PM
Amir Sadollah swept onto the UFC scene in 2008, light on experience but heavy on skills, talent and heart. In the process, he became the middleweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter’s seventh season, a charismatic and humble Surgical Technician out of Virginia who quickly gained a legion of fans with his feel-good Cinderella run.

Then he was gone.

8/4/09 6:09:41PM
He's gonna get beat up for like 2 and a half rounds then pull out a crazy wicked submission for the win.

Thats what always happens!
8/4/09 6:14:46PM
Its been a while. Glad to see him get after it. Hendricks has the wrestling skills to take him down and hold him there. Should be a good matchup of styles.
8/4/09 7:44:37PM
hendricks takes him down and pounds on amir for 2 3/4 rounds and then makes a slight mistake and amir subs him, typical.
8/4/09 7:53:36PM
I can't wait to see Amirs first fight since winning the competition. I isntantly became a Amir fan during the show. It's too bad he hasn't fought early. The injury bug has hit him hard. Hendricks is a very tough first opponent but I think Amir pulls out the win.
8/5/09 3:51:30AM
How does one restart his journey without ever beginning it post TUF?
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