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8/21/08 10:06:17AM


Sabotage, Inc. Rules

1.) Make ALL of your picks. If you mess up and miss out on a fight, I'm not going to remove you from the team. However, if it becomes a habit, that may be a different story.

1a.) If you miss a pick, it's not the end of the world. Send me a PM and let me know and I'll likely be fine with it. However, if you're habitually missing picks and not sending me any kind of explanation, I will remove you from the team. This is an individual game, first and foremost. I get that. But you expressed interest in joining the team so this is also a TEAM effort. If you show the qualities of being a bad teammate, you'll be treated as such and eventually removed from the team

2.) Follow the website/forum rules. If I catch wind of you being repeatedly warned, you'll be removed from the team. I don't want Sabotage, Inc. to have a bad name. No badmouthing other members of the site, moderators, fighter bashing, etc.

3.) One last thing...please be active. You don't have to (but you're encouraged to) join in on the discussions on the team forum. You don't have to visit the main forums. But please...if I send you a PM, answer it.

4.) Members who fail to login to the site for a period of 10 days or more will be dismissed from the team UNLESS prior notification is given before your 'hiatus' or 'leave of absence'.

That's all. I don't ask much so hopefully none of you are upset with having rules put in to place.

Thanks, fellas.
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