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POLL: What do you think of Machida vs. Shogun?
Great Fight! Enough said.... 78% (21)
Dumb fight, Shogun easy.. 22% (6)
Dumb fight, Machida easy.... 0% (0)
7/3/07 3:53:17PM
Does anyone want to see this guy fight more? This guy who has beat Rich Franklin and BJ Penn and *cough* Stephan Bonner...O and also would of put a huge beat down on Griffin but the staph got to Forrest first so Machida abused Dave Heath instead.

7/3/07 3:56:29PM
machida is soooooooooooooooooooooooo boring though!! I would like to see this fight but dont think it would be the bolloxs!
7/3/07 3:57:35PM
i would rather see shogun vs vera
see who has the best mui tai
7/3/07 4:01:37PM
Ok, I hear ya, 5 of his last 6 fights went to decision but he is exciting and can turn it on when he needs to. He is not my fav fighter by any means but he is just really good and I would like to see him fight stiffer comp.
7/3/07 4:03:02PM
Machida has so much potential and I would love to see more of him. As far as him and Shogun, I do not know if he is ready for that. I was actually interested in the fight between Machida and Forrest. I think that would be a good fight. I think Machida will be more entertaining in his next fight now that he is really familiar with the Octagon and the UFC.
7/3/07 4:08:06PM
I would like to see this fight but I think Shogun would KO machida fairly quick
7/3/07 4:10:57PM

Posted by KYGUY07

I would like to see this fight but I think Shogun would KO machida fairly quick

wow my thoughts exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself
7/3/07 4:29:00PM
I can definitely see this fight happening, it will give shogun a decent opponent that he should beat so the ufc can build it a little bit giving rua enough recognition to fight for title.
7/3/07 6:52:05PM
i would love see him against shogun, it would prove if he really has got what it takes
7/3/07 8:01:43PM
I would love to see Shogun Vs. Lyoto as a fight for the #1 contender in the UFC. Shogun always likes to come forward and fight agressively and Machida likes to hang back and counter attack. It would end up being a very interesting match-up.
7/3/07 8:20:11PM
I would watch this fight and I could see the UFC making it. They don't seem to be trying to build Lyoto up, but he has a good enough record that he could provide a great introduction fight for Shogun to casual fans. They could say "Lyoto has defeated Rich Franklin, BJ Penn" etc. and then Shogun destroys him.
7/3/07 8:42:41PM
I think it'd be a better fight then you guys think...i think shogun would win, but machida would make him earn it.
7/3/07 9:13:34PM
I think its a little early for Machida to be getting Shogun. If he lost it would be a pretty big setback, but then again, if he won...
7/10/07 9:53:59AM
I just think it is pretty funny that not even a week after I posted this he was rumored to be fighting Shogun....

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