Ryo Chonan v. Thiago Alves?

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9/25/07 8:00:31PM
Alves v. Chonan @ 78?

I think it would be a good test for the young, yet extremely talented Alves.
9/25/07 8:05:08PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

Alves v. Chonan @ 78?

I think it would be a good test for the young, yet extremely talented Alves.

i think so to. i like alves i cannot do nothing but root for him. i think that ryo chonan might have been brought in to beat anderson silva. he is one of the people who have an official win over silva. it took place in pride and chonan finished him with a flying knee bar it was nice.
9/25/07 8:10:37PM
i gotta go with chonan, the guy has been beat only by the top guys at 185, i think he can handle what alves throws at him. btw he beat silva with a flying heel hook not a flying knee bar.
9/25/07 8:19:04PM
i know what your sayin nick, however is gonna have to adjust from pride as well, and Alves could vary well be on his way to being a top fighter in this sport.
9/25/07 8:53:37PM
if he's being brought in to bolster the middleweight division and to put up a challenge against anderson silva then why will he fighting at welterweight?
9/25/07 9:32:56PM
I think Alves will pick him apart in stand up but he just needs to watch for those flying heel hooks lol

I got Thiago Alves Late 1st or 2nd round TKO stoppage...

Good looking fight
9/25/07 11:01:09PM
I think Chonan's a solid fighter and a good test for Alves, but I don't think that's the fight that is the best for his career. Not many casual fans know who Chonan is and quite frankly, I think Thiago is on a higher level than Chonan. Fighting him at this stage in his career would be a step back and wouldn't further his game much. I think he needs to step up a level in competition to continue to build himself up to an eventual title shot. A guy like Chris Lytle or Marcus Davis would be the next logical step in my opinion. Now you can argue that Chonan's better than both of those guys, but I think a win over Lytle or Davis would be more widely recognized as a big win for him. From a promotional standpoint, a big win refers more to one that is recognized by the casual fans and is more entertaining. While I don't doubt Chonan's talent, I believe Lytle or Davis would give Alves a more exciting fight, therefore a "bigger" win. I personally think Davis would be the ideal fight because he has some momentum and has been putting on equally entertaining fights as of late. But Lytle would suffice if they want to hype both Alves and Davis up for a while longer. If he can make it past one of them, I say give him someone the calibur of say..Josh Burkman or maybe Diego Sanchez (if he doesn't drop to lightweight). If he can make it past one of those guys, that would prove that he should be in title contention. Next would be a match up against either Karo or Koscheck. Once he's gotten to this point, the dust should be settled on the Hughes/Serra fight and the proceeding GSP/Hughes or Serra fight. Depending on how he performs up until this point, perhaps give him the odd man out in the GSP/Hughes/Serra trio. If he can win all these fights, I would definitely think he'd be ready to fight for the title. That's a HUGE if though. He's a very young talent with huge potential, but I'd imagine he'll stumble once he fights either Karo or Koscheck. It'll be interesting to see how the UFC handles his push.
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