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5/10/08 10:37:34AM
I watched him fight again last night..and that dude is just explosive...and seems insanely strong for a WW....the dude had full mount on him and he just easily rolled him over...like it was nothing...

he fights for the WW title in July....but I'm not sure who has it in MFC......anyways I am looking forward to seeing how he does again..
5/10/08 11:50:40AM
I watched it too and Ford is a rising star.At the rate he's going I bet UFC has an eye on him already.
5/10/08 12:42:23PM
Ford is definitely a guy to watch.....nasty skillz
5/10/08 8:57:24PM
i couldnt believe he was a welterweight either. HE is HUGE! certainly a solid up and comer. should see him on elite xc or ufc soon.
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