Ryan Bader: Not Just A Wrestler

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12/21/08 2:12:32AM
Ryan "Darth" Bader made his professional mixed martial arts debut on March 31, 2007, and within a year's time the former Arizona State wrestling stand out had racked up a 7-0 record heading into The Ultimate Fighter season 8. With his technical knockout victory over Vinicius Magalhaes in the season finale to become The Ultimate Fighter, Bader showed he's not just a wrestler anymore.

12/21/08 11:54:00AM
I've seen a lot of people saying AZ Combat Sports is a flash in the pan camp, but this article here shows how well they develop fighters. Todd and Trevor Lally are the trainers that made Drew Fickett great (until he left the camp over a year ago) They took a bunch of green wrestlers, turned one into a TUF finalist within a year and another a TUF champ in a year and a half. Oh yeah, they also took a 23 year old wrestling kid and turned him into a world champion by having him outstrike and KTFO a world champion kickboxer.

So now, within a year's time, the camp has 2 world champions in the WEC, and 4 fighters who just got signed by the UFC. Steinbeiss, Bader, Simpson, Dollaway.

Just watch, though- these fighters will be on the map for a while to come, and it won't be long until several of them are talking title shot.

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