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8/5/08 6:32:51PM
Hello everybody. Had some questions that hopefully someone will be able to help me out with. Well here is the situation, my friend and i are both avid fight fans and we were wondering if anybody has any idea how to run an mma event. I've been looking for info online but have yet to find anything good. We dont want to do anything to big just something locally. I guess what i would like to know is how much total for a small event?
how much to pay unknown fighters?
what licenses or permits are needed?
cage or ring? which is cheaper?
well thats enought for now. oh yeah i did search but nothing turned up. thanks in advance.
8/5/08 6:55:42PM
first you need to find out if its legal or sanctioned in your state. secondi have no idea
8/5/08 7:12:20PM
A ring will be cheaper to use.An MMA 5 rope ring will run you around 8,000 dollars.I wouldn't pay anymore for one.If you get a ring,don't settle for a floor model,because you won't be able to use it for a bout.Their cheaper,but only used for sparring.

Your cages vary,and for the most part,your probably going to pay for the name.
a 30" platform Throwdown Pro series cage will cost you over 30,000 dollars.Other Throwdown models sell for less,and some for more,depending on how many inches the platform is.
8/5/08 7:25:09PM
thanks for the replies.
As for the sanctioning I have checked as of 06 pro mma is allowed but not amateur. how does my event get made into a pro event. I think i got a guy that rents out rings for events.
8/5/08 10:39:47PM
I believe you will need a promoters license as well.
8/7/08 11:29:52PM
The smartest thing to do would be to drop a couple hundred bucks and talk to a lawyer for an hour. That will clear up all your legal issues.

And I wouldn't go and drop 8k on a ring right away incase you find out this whole thing doesn't work out. See if you can rent one instead.

8/7/08 11:32:13PM
what state are you in?
8/8/08 12:41:48PM
yeah i dont plan on dropping any cash until i have all the proper docimentation/permits. I am located in houston, tx there are a couple of other fight shows that go on and they seem to do prety well and put on good shows. Maybe I will try to talk to them and get some info, but a lot of people dont like to share.
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