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6/27/08 4:59:29PM
Climbing the ladder to the top of the UFC middleweight division just might go through Hamilton, New Jersey. That’s because that’s where the Ricardo Almeida Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (RABJJ) Academy is and where Ricardo Almeida is preparing for UFC 86 when he will take on heavy-handed Patrick Cote for a fight that could very well have title implications.

Check it out:

6/27/08 5:13:59PM
Almeida is the man. i'm starting to become a big fan of his. hes a very respectful person and is 100% class. i think he is going to sub cote in the first or 2nd round. WAR ALMEIDA!!!!
6/27/08 5:27:56PM
2nd round armbar mid round
6/27/08 5:46:01PM
Cote 3rd rd TKO!
6/27/08 7:23:58PM
Almeida for the sub
6/27/08 7:24:23PM
^^ yeah Almeida is cool and def.. a good guy but I hope Cote' smashes him down.
I'm cool with a 3rd KO
6/27/08 8:31:23PM
Going with the Jersey boy 1st round sub
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