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11/29/09 12:01:07AM
Now it’s being reported that the president of Don Quijote, Yasuda, set up a meeting between FEG to enable this Sengoku vs. Dream co-promotion as an attempt to strengthen Japanese MMA. Initially, Sadaharu Tanikawa planned on letting Sengoku fail and then scooping up as many fighter contracts as possible (including Ishida). However now it looks like FEG’s MMA division may be in trouble.FieLDS, Dynamite!!’s primary sponsor, will not renew their contract next year. Today on NHBNews Pro, it was announced that Don Quijote not only wants to replace FieLDS as Dynamite!!’s primary sponsor…but they want to purchase the entire FEG MMA division (which would include Dynamite!! and Dream). This would mean a chain of discount super-stores will own all of Japanese MMA

11/29/09 3:14:08AM
There have been a lot of changes to the Japanese MMA landscape over the psast year or so that have gone relatively unnoticed. DREAM has experimented with a cage, Sengoku's been using 3x5 in standard fights and 5x5 in championship fights. Sengoku's been using a modified 10 point must system as well.

I've got a feeling that should this buyout/merger take place we'll see the unified rules adopted as well. I'm really hoping that they move to a cage full time as well. I thought the cage that they used last time out was damn cool and actually prefered the material they used over the chainlink fencing of the octagon.

I think the heads in Japan are beginning to recognize the fact that MMA in the US and across the world has lapped the japanese scene by a signifigant distance. Hopefully this and the potential business relationship with strikeforce will help spark new life into the sport over there. I'd love to see the powers of Sengoku, Dream, and Strikeforce forge a strong relationship and give fighters a REAL chance to make money and recognition outside of the UFC.
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