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6/21/10 11:26:24AM
Dave Batista...


He's confirmed it via a video on TMZ..

So looks like Batista Vs. Bobby Lashley then..

With Batista being 40+ surely this is not a great career move. THe 'alleged' steriod abuse over the years means he suffers muscle tears all the time. THis could be really a sad sight to see. But then he isn't the greatest of WWE stars either.
6/21/10 11:38:20AM
SF is all about that old talent, they dont want young stars they want the oldies.
6/21/10 11:43:30AM
6/21/10 12:05:49PM
I'm not gonna lie, i'll probably watch his first fight just out of freakish curiosity, but I don't expect much from him.
6/21/10 12:24:46PM
what a StrikeForce tryin to pull off some Dream stunts..cause from the looks of does..SF needs to drop these kinda pick-ups..and start bring in the prospects..who will one day turn into a star..i will watch his first fight..just to see him go back to WWE..
6/21/10 12:31:50PM
he is going to be on the main card for sure!
6/21/10 12:40:28PM
False. SF says no deal right now.

6/21/10 1:06:44PM
Just watched a video of him training at the Affliction gym, and I must say I have a lot of respect for the guy after watching it. He seems like a really good dude.

6/21/10 1:45:40PM
Batista Vs. Bobby Lashley Nice will there be a ladder involved ?
6/21/10 4:03:44PM
He attended the Strikeforce: Los Angeles event and it was rumored they offered him a deal but NOTHING is official. As injury prone as Dave is, this would be a horrible move at his age.
6/22/10 12:18:14AM
I just can't help it, old bad habits die hard I guess (drinking, fightin, fast cars, P$) but I love freak fights....Minowa Sapp HMC...always entertaining in a McDonalds way.
6/22/10 12:44:14AM

Posted by jae_1833

I just can't help it, old bad habits die hard I guess (drinking, fightin, fast cars, P$) but I love freak fights....Minowa Sapp HMC...always entertaining in a McDonalds way.

Haha, I'm with you dude. I don't know if it's stupid or what but sometimes I just want to see these train wrecks as they happen. I never minded the super hulk tournament, the Bob Sapp fights, the HMC fights, or even if two midgets were in there scrapping I wouldn't mind it. To me it's about the unique challenges and how they're overcome. Can't explain it but I love 'em. I'm stoked about Couture vs. Toney even.

I'd love to see Batista come in and either have some success or get crushed. Doesn't matter either way to me. Long as somebody scraps I'm down to watch.
6/22/10 9:16:51AM
hed be a good opponent for herschel walker IMO, and that fight would generate a ton of interest from outside the regular fanbase.

i have to admit to being a fan of the freakshows too. they arent pretty, they arent needed, but man they are entertaining in a guilty pleasure kind of way.
6/22/10 1:43:56PM
Ha ha ha ha! Freak shows yeah! As a lifelong WWE fan I'm very familiar with Batista. At his age, this is definitely a complete and absolute train wreck. For guys like him and Hershel Walker, the proper way to handle them is to do like Butterbean: Just feed them completely incompetent fighters who will lose easily so you can make money as a Butterbean type of draw. DREAM knows this very well in Japan and Strikeforce might as well do the same thing.
6/22/10 3:22:33PM
Butterbean also lost.
6/22/10 4:11:17PM
Up with freakshow matches
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