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POLL: And the winner is..........
MacDonald 24% (8)
Okami 76% (25)
8/7/07 12:42:15AM
Who's gonna win? I think this would be a very interesting fight... but i think okami wins cuz of his strength.
8/7/07 12:52:48AM
I think McDonald just cause how crazy he was til they threw Franklin at him.Okami will always be the fighter they give a potential contender to see if he deserves a shot.
8/7/07 3:13:27AM
I think it would be a good fight but i just cant picture how macdonald would win. id go with okami 3rd round tko or ud.
8/7/07 4:18:12AM
Its gonna be similar to Okami/Singer IMO.
8/7/07 4:25:04AM
I think Mcdonald is stronger than Singer. I'll take Okami by UD.
8/7/07 7:27:43AM
It's gonna be similar to Okami/Starnes IMO.
8/7/07 8:42:06AM

Posted by hippysmacker

I think Mcdonald is stronger than Singer. I'll take Okami by UD.

He might be a little stronger,but Okami is still much more powerful and i think it will be an other 3 round stoppage by Okami....I just think Mcdonald is similar to Singer,and he will fold under pressure.
8/7/07 9:30:06AM
I don't know.

This fight doesn't have much intrigue for me at the moment.

It is tough to say Jason would win though. He is not going to sub Okami and I don't think he has the tools to stop him standing up.

Okami via TKO early round three.
8/7/07 12:29:29PM
I like the odds here, ill get an underdog bonus for an upset like that.
8/7/07 12:35:20PM
I'd go with Okami, partly because I've seen more of his fights and he looks more impressive to me.
8/7/07 1:19:34PM
Okami would pound Macdonald out just like he did to rory SInger and Kalib Starnes, Macdonald does have pretty decent Jiu JItsu but its not on the level it needs to be to submit Okami from his guard because thats most likely where he'll have to fight the fight from . I would predict that Okami would would pound on Jason for the first two rounds and get him to submit due to strikes in the th ird.
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