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7/18/07 9:19:16AM

Following his loss to Yushin Okami at UFC 69 in Houston, Texas, Mike Swick decided to make the move from the middleweight division down to the welterweight division. Rumors have been swirling about a rematch with Chris Leben, but the situation took a bizarre turn when Jonathan Goulet started a thread in the MMAWeekly SoundOff Forum yesterday titled, "Wanna Fight."
7/18/07 9:55:20AM
Could be one to watch.
7/18/07 10:22:12AM
Goulet should not be talking smack about this fight
7/18/07 10:33:52AM
7/18/07 10:37:58AM
This is good news as far as im concerned. At this stage Goulet is a far more exciting than leben. The crippler's brand of GnP is like a more boring version of tito's "press em on the cage and grind it out". It lacks the explosiveness to be sucessful against most top-notchers and leads to boring fights. he should stick to fighting that guy whose bed he took a leak on
7/18/07 10:51:15AM
Is it just me or does anybody else think Goulet is going to get murdered?

Didn't Goulet set a UFC record for getting knocked out in 11seconds?
7/18/07 10:58:21AM
Man I hope swick KO's Goulet just because Goulet is talking shit, trying to get back in the UFC. He's going to have a hard time beating swick.
7/18/07 11:05:13AM
Goulet is not somone to take lightly...he fights to win. I think Swick has the upper hand, but he's no pushover.
7/18/07 11:11:04AM
Yea when your considered the number two fighter in canada only behind GSP your no joke. I think Swick has the advantage but i don't think he is gonna "murder" Goulet it should be a fantastic fight.
7/18/07 12:49:23PM
Gunna be quick KO for Swick
7/18/07 2:38:22PM

Its a shame mma fighters can get a fight they want by shiit talking and suchlike but the nasty reward is a brutal beatdown in this case!

Mr WEAK CHIN is getting KTFO for sure!!!!!
7/18/07 3:09:36PM
OHHHH wait for it wait for it wait for it tko in 11 seconds thats whats going to happen mike quick swick it would of been a better fight with leben.
7/18/07 3:26:11PM
swick ko's jon in the first
7/18/07 5:31:57PM
this fight is so dissapointing (and so is my spelling) swick and leben had an actual fued going
goulet is just talking trash about swick to get into ufc. i never want to see goulet back in the cage again.

BOOOO goulet
7/18/07 7:26:24PM
Goulet is a very underrated fighter and has fought alot lately, people rag on him too much for his 10 second knockout loss to Bang but he is accually a very skilled fighter, he showed that in his fight with Cummo, that being said i still think Swick takes it but it will being a competitive fight.
7/18/07 7:31:07PM
goulet has really impressive wrestling, at least that is what i took away from the luke cummo fight. although come to think of it i dont think cummo has good wrestling. I think its clear to say that Swick has a big advantage on the feet and if okami couldnt finish him in 3 rounds i doubt goulet will.

I say Swick will eventually KO him before the end of 3 rounds.
7/18/07 8:19:38PM
Swick is back on track with a qwick 10 sec chock with the swick-a-teen
new record to be set that night
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