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2/2/09 2:26:58PM
Check it out on under the fight card for UFN 17 here link

After Sadollah dropped out, I couldnt be happier that this is the fight that got bumped to the main card. Rumble always puts on a good show and hopefully we will see another KO
2/2/09 2:27:55PM
Good, but it really should be the Main Event.
2/2/09 2:42:51PM
Let's GO "Rumble!" An Uppercut tko.
2/2/09 2:51:00PM
Nice; Rumble is an entertaining fighter.
2/2/09 3:02:45PM

Posted by DCRage

Good, but it really should be the Main Event.

agreed, this should be the main card. The only reason i believe louzon is the main card was because of Franca, and since he dropped out, i think Louzon-Stephens should be co-main event.
2/2/09 3:14:02PM
should have been anyways
2/2/09 4:22:24PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Let's GO "Rumble!" An Uppercut tko.

Rumble's got it, but I don't think he really throws a lot of uppercuts. Mostly straight shots. Probably just a R1 TKO after a knockdown. Luigi can take some shots.
2/2/09 4:39:40PM
Ok Johnson with a head kick again.
2/2/09 5:32:17PM
good fight this or the emerson vs batman fight would have been fine
2/2/09 5:48:34PM

I gotta go with AJ, he is gonna drop Luigi after a close first round with a big right left, and finish it with a shot while standing above the floored Fioravanti.

war rumble!!
2/2/09 5:54:34PM

btw u will all regret doubting luigi when he cold cocks rumble
2/2/09 6:38:17PM
You'll look so pretty wearing a 360 mafia avatar when Rumble beats Luigi down
2/2/09 6:45:21PM
This is so sweet. I really like both of these guys. Rumble is a devastating striker. But Luigi is no slouch either. And has a good chin. I see it being a war. I am undecided as to the winner. Jonsons chin really hasn't been tested, and Luigi has heavy hands. We'll see come saturday night.
2/2/09 6:49:36PM

Posted by Mungooch

You'll look so pretty wearing a 360 mafia avatar when Rumble beats Luigi down

well u and war glory will be a nice couple with reading rainbow avs
2/2/09 8:59:29PM
I can't wait
2/2/09 9:18:57PM
They should make the fight nights all 3 hours. It looks like this one is only set for 2 hours since their are only 4 guaranteed fights. Or they should do something like stream the undercard fights on That would be a nice thing for us fans.
2/2/09 9:41:46PM
such good news and no bananas yet??? c'mon guys!!

2/3/09 10:10:17AM
I'll give ya some more bananas
Could be FOTN imo. Hard and fast strikers, love it!
2/3/09 10:54:02AM
I think Anthony is the more powerful, but less technical striker out of the two. He seems to throw wild sometimes, at least in the fights with Burns. I think that Luigi will end up getting a decision win in a barn burner.

Nother naner for you.
2/3/09 1:37:31PM
This fight should have already been on the main card, this make the whole fight! Both I believe are gonna swing for the fences for the KO. I know Anthony is and Lugi I don't think can take him down, so I this makes the whole card worth watching I believe. Can't wait for this sick fight! Either fight or KO of the night!

Johnson 1st rd KO!
2/4/09 2:09:18PM
Your record says it all
2/4/09 2:25:03PM
This fight should have been on the main card to begin with, in my opinion.
2/4/09 2:28:46PM
shoulda been main event imo
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