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8/18/07 2:02:55AM
After runnning it by the other mods, I've decided to make a policy concerning posting advice in the Training Forum. This rule will affect very few of you, but I find it neccessary to keep the integrity of the advice given at its highest, to help people who have legitimate questions, and to allow the instructors and experienced martial artists on the forum to dispense advice without having to waste time in arguments and so forth.

MMA, boxing, grappling and other combat sports are all, by their nature, very dangerous, and as instructors, its part of our job to keep our students as safe as possible while learning these skills. This is not a duty to be taken lightly, as even a small error in judgement or technique can result in injury or death when dealing with combat sports. This forum is here to aid those of us who are learning the ins and outs of combat sports by asking intelligent questions, with the expectation of receiving intelligent answers from those of us who have trained in said combat sports.

As such, from here on out, any advice deemed to be grossly in error, will be deleted and a warning given to the poster. By "grossly in error", I mean any advice that shows the poster to be either:

A) Completely ignorant of the topic at hand
B) Advice that could potentially injure or kill the person following it.

If you don't have a background in a paticular aspect of the sport, its not your job to be giving advice to people on it. Its your job to ask questions and learn more about that sport if its something you're interested in, but by giving unqualified advice, you could be risking someones life or limb.

As for asking questions on here, please feel free to ask whatever question you have. Theres a wide range of people on here with different backgrounds and skillsets, and you should take advantage of the opportunity if you have a question.

Also, as an aside, if someone gives you good advice to help with your developing game, by all means, give them props. Some folks on here are professionals in their fields and its the least you can do for someone who gives you their time, free of charge, to help you out.

Any questions on this policy can be posted here, or PM'd to me.

Aside from that, enjoy the game folks and train hard!
12/4/07 3:24:29PM
The best person to ask about things concerning you diet a move or a tactic is your coaches though guys.
Its not against any rules to ask a question about any part of your training but just remember a coach is someone you know personally and has credentials that you can see. Not everyone on here is a expert but they will usually help you the best you can.
Advice in this forum is Read at your own risk.
7/25/08 2:52:22PM
Thought I would post this here and delete the thread I made

Please read this and the other pinned threads in this forum.

This post is regarding copy and pasting articles into the forum. If you are going to do this, all I ask you to do is reference the source with either a link or a footnote (eg. I got this from wikipedia).

Some people may not have a problem with straight out copy and pasting articles (without referencing them), but myself and other members do. Why?

1) Because it's plagiarism. Maybe it means little to those of you that don't have anything published, but I do and I would be pissed off if someone copied my work without giving me credit (by referencing the source). Many authors feel the same.

2) It undermines the hard work other members put into writing their own response to the question.

3) To me, when someone copies things from other places, it makes me question whether they really believe or understand what is being written. When I mark 3rd year level (university) genetics essays I can tell which kids understand the material and which ones do not. Almost 100% of the time, the kids that paraphrase other peoples' work (if they copied they would be caught and assigned a fail grade) get low marks because they do not understand the material, which shows in their writing.

4) Finally, not everything that is written on the net is correct. The whole point of this being a forum is that discussion is supposed to occur. Differing opinions are supposed to be given and discussed. It is too easy to copy and paste a "novel" from another site (without even reading it first). This is why I give little credit to this type of stuff. I don't even know if the person read it all. At least when they type it out I know that they read it. Also, a lot of people just look at the post (not reading it) and think "that's a lot of words, I don't think I have anything to contribute to that." Discussion is usually not going to happen after that.

**note that this is merely a request. I will not ban any one merely for plagiarism as it is not part of the forum code of conduct. However, I will call you out on what you post, so be ready.
7/25/08 4:34:23PM
I am not a mod or anything but I have some good friends who are writers and would like to just help drive home this is important... espically if your not cutting and pasting the article because if you make a mistake not meaning too it could lead to someone using the information in-correctly and then someone getting hurt... plus it will allow people to go deeper into articles ... which I think few authors or writers would not complain about thier work getting more exposure.

also its just good practice for the above reasons... and never claim an article as your own if you were not the author.. someone will call you out on it... and then your look like an idiot... I will admit I take things from articles but I try not to claim them as my own and if at all possible I'll mention at least where the article came from if I do not know the author