UFC 97 Rule Changes

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2/21/09 4:02:47AM
* Georges St. Pierre's beloved moose "Matilda" will be honored in a ceremony before the Anderson Silva/Thales Leites main event.

* All fighters exiting the locker rooms and making their way to the Octagon to compete must wear flannel.

* Water bottles must be diluted with maple syrup. Yummy maple syrup.

* Announcer Bruce Buffer must end every sentence with "eh?"

* Fighters will be penalized for cross-checking, high sticking and slashing. Penalty shots will be awarded.

* Commission officials will operate from an igloo set up cageside. No one is allowed to make fun of the igloo. No one!

2/21/09 9:39:16AM
the igloo one got me
2/21/09 11:14:41AM
Tisk Tisk
2/21/09 3:43:06PM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

Tisk Tisk

2/21/09 4:56:52PM
2/21/09 8:51:01PM
haha i got that, its a canadian joke hehe pretty funny
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